• Soul Togetherness 2018 15 Modern Soul Room Gems - Various Artists 2x LP Vinyl (Expansion)
  • Soul Togetherness 2018 15 Modern Soul Room Gems - Various Artists 2x LP Vinyl (Expansion)

Soul Togetherness 2018 15 Modern Soul Room Gems – Various Artists 2x LP Vinyl (Expansion)

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1. That Feelin’- Cornell C.C. Carter
2. Right On Time – The APX
3. Your Love – Kenny Thomas
4. Around The World – Imaa

1. One More Praise – Brian Courtney Wilson
2. I’ll Take Your Word For It – Lexi
3. He’s A Hurricane (Boogie Back Extended Mix) – James Day ft. Cheryl Pepsii Riley & Joe Cunningham
4. Hit Or Miss (Album Version) – Change

1. All Night Long (Extended Mix) – John Reid
2. One and Only – The Ritchie Family
3. Do Something – Ernest Ernie & the Sincerities
4. About Your Love (Extended Mix) – Jaki Graham

1. Lies (Groovy Soul Remix) – DJ Spen feat. Asia Yarwood
2. Pleasure – Mousse T feat. Peven Everett
3. Shine Your Light (Main Mix) – Prefix One feat. Andrae Melody Palmer

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Soul Togetherness 2018


Various Artists





Release Year


• Biggest modern soul room tracks of 2018
• Most tracks released on physical format for the first time.
• Year’s biggest revival tracks

Expansion’s most successful and longest running compilation series returns with a 2018 edition.

The concept remains the same, fifteen must-have modern soul room gems taken from the year’s biggest dance floor spins on the soul scene. While tracks here have topped UK soul charts, many have not been available in all formats. Once again, attention is paid to the ‘flow’ of the 15 gems chosen here from shuffling beats to boogie to more soulful house as played at modern soul events.

Participants this year include Cornell CC Carter with a track from one of the year’s biggest albums, huge tracks by UK soul artists Kenny Thomas, Jaki Graham (exclusive extended mix), John Reid (exclusive extended mix); a return to form for the massive Change; two artists Brian Courtney Wilson and Lexi from Motown’s new gospel label; superb dancers from new artists The APX, Imaa, with a vintage flavour from Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities. There’s excellence from German DJ Mousse T with Peven Everett; soulful garage anthems from DJ Spen and Prefix One, an 80s revival from The Richie Family, and fantastic to have Cheryl Pepsii Riley back with James Day on an extended mix exclusive to this album.

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