Soul On The Real Side Volume 12 – Various Artists CD (Outta Sight)

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1. Daybreak – I Need Love
2. Roscoe Thomas – American Girl
3. The Words Of Wisdom – You’re A Friend Of Mine (Vocal)
4. Spice feat. Bunny Davis – Sweet Norma Jones
5. The Relatives – This World Is Moving Too Fast (Goodbye World Re-invention) (Vocals Reverend Gean West)
6. The Falcons – You’ve Got The Power
7. Almeta Lattimore – These Memories
8. Ruby Winters – If This Is Our Last Time
9. Gloria Walker – Gift Of Love
10. Jimmy Norman – I Wanna Make Love To You
11. Billy Harner – I Got It From Heaven
12. Crystal Motion – You’re My Main Squeeze (Part 1)
13. Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You
14. Leo McCarty – I Fell In Love With Love
15. Sugar Billy – Super Duper Love (Part 1)
16. Vivilore Jordan – Put My Loving On You
17. Sarah Vaughan – I Need You More (Than Ever Now)
18. McArthur – It’s So Real
19. Ellerine Harding – I Ain’t Got Much (But Whatever I Got It’s Yours Baby)
20. Darryl Stewart – You Must Know Magic

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Soul On The Real Side Volume 12


Various Artists





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NEW-TO-CD tracks including Daybreak, Roscoe Thomas, Ruby Winters, Gloria Walker, Leo McCarty, Vivilore Jordan, Ellerine Harding and Darryl Stewart

Rare Crossover Classics from Words Of Wisdom, The Falcons, Almeta Lattimore, Billy Harner, Crystal Motion and many more

The architects of soul are back with a stunning new 20-track Summer 2021 collection and, incredibly, almost half are NEW-TO-CD!

Our show opens with the first of our new-to-CD tracks, the seldom heard “I Need Love” by East Coast disco/funk band Daybreak. The sophisticated New Jersey 45 was originally played at Wigan Casino by Richard Searling shortly after release (covered up as “Search The World” and attributed to Tyrone Davis). It has since become one of the most cherished and in-demand of all Modern Soul records.
Track 2 sees the debut reissue of an obscure Philadelphia disc, “American Girl”, by Roscoe Thomas. Our sincere thanks go to label boss Frank Fioravanti, who provided this superb Latin-tinged crossover delight plus a further 5 Sound Gems. The rarest on the label is Billy Harner’s 1976 “I Got It From Heaven” (trk. 11), another Wigan Casino exclusive for DJ Richard Searling.

A special mention must go to Gean West’s Relatives, who make a guest appearance (trk. 5) with their emotive re-invention of the 1976 release “This World Is Moving Too Fast”. During recording Gean fell into a coma and passed away before the album was released, leaving us with this breathtaking and poignant legacy.

Our thanks also go to all at Mainstream Records, who, once again, supply a handful of class Seventies sides, including Sugar Billy’s original version of “Super Duper Love” (trk. 15), popularised by Joss Stone in more recent times, plus, of course, Almeta Lattimore’s timeless classic (trk. 7).

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