• Soul On The Real Side Volume 11 - Various Artists CD (Outta Sight)
  • Soul On The Real Side Volume 11 - Various Artists CD (Outta Sight)

Soul On The Real Side Volume 11 – Various Artists CD (Outta Sight)

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1. Turner Bros. – Let’s Go Fishing
2. The New Creation – The Fish Song
3. The Independents – Lucky Fellow
4. Mike James Kirkland – Give It To Me
5. Ernest Ernie and The Sincerities – My Eyes (Don’t Believe What I’m Seeing)
6. Buddy Greco – Never Gonna Give You Up
7. Derek Martin – Falling In Love
8. Terry Huff – Just Not Enough Love
9. Linda Perry – It’s All In The Back Of Me Now
10. Phillip and Lloyd (The Blues Busters) – Baby I’m Sorry
11. Cookie Woodson – I’ll Be True
12. S.O.U.L. – The Joneses (Part 1)
13. The O’Jays – I Got You
14. Innervision – Honey Baby (Be Mine)
15. The Fabulous Determinations – Has Love Been Here Before
16. Freddie Waters & The Free Spirits – This Is The Life
17. Sonny Munro – I’m Never Gonna Hurt You Again
18. The Escorts – By The Time I Get To Phoenix
19. Peggy Gaines – Just To Satisfy My Baby
20. Gloria Walker – My Precious Love

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Soul On The Real Side Volume 11


Various Artists





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Includes SEVEN, new-to-CD tracks courtesy of the New Creation, Ernest Ernie, Buddy Greco, Terry Huff, Phillip & Lloyd, Freddie Waters and Gloria Walker

Rare Crossover Classics from the Turner Bros., Mike James Kirkland, Derek Martin, Linda Perry and many more

Debut compilation tracks from Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities and The O’Jays, both from 2019


The architects of soul are back with a stunning new 20-track collection for 2020. Once again we uncover the building blocks of modern soul with a playlist of classics and rarities, and, incredibly, yet again, over a third are NEW-TO-CD!

Simone Hutsch supplies are cover photo taken at Canary Wharf, London, quite appropriate since our first two tracks are all about fishing! Fortunately not in the literal sense, the waters on the Wharf probably wouldn’t yield the greatest catch! Our show opens with the Turner Brothers, an Indianapolis band ranging in age from 12 to 27, with their 1974 crossover masterpiece “Let’s Go Fishing” taken from the super rare ‘Act 1’ LP. Just as obscure, and also “angling” for top spot (pardon the pun) are the New Creation with “The Fish Song”. It was produced by the legendary H B Barnum, and finally makes its CD debut.

Ernest Ernie also makes it to CD with the superb 2019 release “My Eyes”, a follow-up to the in-demand “Do Something”. Lounge singer Buddy Greco also makes the CD cut with his take on Gamble-Huff-Butler’s classic “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Phillip And Lloyd (aka the Blues Busters) finally get our appreciation for their soulful 1975 Scepter single “Baby I’m Sorry”.

How did Freddie Waters’ “This Is The Life” escape our attention until now! What a fine example of southern tinged crossover soul that segues perfectly into Sonny Munro’s “I’m Never Gonna Hurt Again”.

Volume 11 is brought to a close by the fabulous Gloria Walker and her soul drenched stroller “My Precious Love”. A Real Side favourite!

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