Etta James – Who’s Blue? Rare Chess Recordings Of The 60s and 70s CD (Kent)

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1. Only A Fool
2. Take Out Some Insurance
3. I’m So Glad (I Found Love In You)
4. (I Don’t Need Nobody To Tell Me) How To Treat My Man
5. Fire
6. I’ve Been A Fool
7. You’re The Fool
8. Can’t Shake It
9. Do Right
10. Nobody But You
11. Seven Day Fool
12. That Man Belongs Back Here With Me
13. Look Who’s Blue
14. You Can Count On Me
15. It Could Happen To You
16. Street Of Tears
17. Don’t Pick Me For Your Fool
18. Are My Thoughts With You
19. My Man Is Together
20. I’m Sorry For You
21. I Worry About You
22. Let Me Know
23. What Fools We Mortals Be
24. Sweet Memories

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Who's Blue? Rare Chess Recordings Of The 60s and 70s


Etta James




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“There’s a lot going on in Etta James’ voice – a lot of pain, a lot of life but, most of all, a lot of strength. Etta has struggled through a few lifetimes of personal heartache and somehow came out the other side. Her story is a testament to survival and the difficulties that seem to come with the territory for female singers – drugs and alcohol, money and weight – and, of course, trouble with men. Maybe that’s why she could slay you with that phrasing from such a young age: she had the heartbreak to back it up.” Bonnie Raitt

This collection comprises over 70 minutes of soul, R&B, funk and jazz gems recorded by Etta for Chess Records in Chicago, Nashville, Muscle Shoals, Hollywood and New Jersey between 1960 and 1976.

With an artist of her stature one might expect all of her Chess material to be available on compact disc by now, but that’s not the case. For each of her LPs for the company that exists on CD, there is an equally good one not available in its entirety. The same applies to her B-sides, many of which have never been released on album, let alone CD. There are other compilations of Etta’s Chess recordings to be had, but most contain the same familiar titles.

“Who’s Blue” offers something different, with 19 out of 24 tracks making their CD debut.

Compilation and notes by Mick Patrick – Ace Records

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