• Eloise Laws - Eloise Laws / All In Time CD
  • Eloise Laws - Eloise Laws / All In Time CD
  • Eloise Laws - Eloise Laws / All In Time CD (Back Cover)

Eloise Laws – Eloise Laws / All In Time CD (Expansion)

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1. Let’s Find Those Two People Again
2. Strength Of A Woman
3. Almost All The Way To Love
4. I’m Just Warmin’ Up
5. You Are Everything
6. Moment To Moment
7. Got You Into My Life
8. If I Don’t Watch Out
9. Search, Find
10. Love Ain’t Easy
11. I Got Ya Covered
12. I’ve Loved You Somewhere Before
13. If I Had My Way
14. While The City Sleeps
15. I’ve Got The Rhythm, You’ve Got The Blues
16. I Did It For Your Love
17. If You Don’t Love Me By Now
18. Weekend

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Eloise Laws



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While the Laws brothers played woodwinds, the sisters had the most divine voices and between them their music became part of a soundtrack of a jazz, funk and soul generation. Lavern Eloise Laws is sister of saxophonist Ronnie Laws, flautist Hubert Laws and singer Debra Laws, in another word “Family” as Hubert put it in his 1980 album of the same name.


In 1969 Eloise began her career with Columbia Records, but within two years she had joined Holland-Dozier-Holland and was recording their songs and productions for Music Merchant. Her single “Love Factory” is a soul classic from that period.


Her debut album was “Ain’t It Good Feeling Good” for Invictus in 1978, then a change of label and style came with her lush “Eloise” album for ABC Records largely in the hands of Linda Creed. 


Linda continued her affiliation on the first of two albums presented here “Eloise Laws”, Thom Bell more involved as an arranger to bring the Bell-Creed team closer to their more familiar Philly sound. “I’m Just Warming Up” has already been celebrated on an Expansion collection “Luxury Soul”, while there has been recent renewed interest in another of the album’s leading tunes “If I Don’t Watch Out”. 


All but one track on “Eloise Laws” has a Philly rhythm, Ronnie Laws completing the album with his production of “Almost All The Way To Love”. He was one step ahead of the new album “All In Time”, taking over complete production duties alongside jazz drummer William Jeffrey. “Love Ain’t Easy” is just fantastic. – Expansion