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Webster Lewis

Let Me Be The One CD


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Title: Let Me Be The One CD
Artist: Webster Lewis
Label: Expansion
Catalogue #: EXCDM19
Format: CD
Genre: Soul Jazz
Release Year: 2008
Condition: New & Sealed
1. Bout The Love
2. Open Up Your Eyes
3. You Are My Life
4. Dancer
5. Let Me Be The One
6. Love Won\'t Harm No One
7. El Bobo
8. Kemo Kimo
9. Flying High
10. A Quiet Thing
11. Reach Out 
12. Boston

This fourth of four albums by keyboard player/producer Webster Lewis and released – FOR THE FIRST EVER TIME ON CD.

Complete with previously unheard BONUS TRACKS Every track is 100% pure gold. The pedigree of the musicians here is incredible and the lush, polished sound exemplifies the heyday of the period when big budget soul was fused with jazz funk. On a personal note it was my favourite album of 1981 and in my opinion this is one of the most consistent albums in this genre. It includes the classic instrumental “El Bobo”, but also some magnificent co-songwriting and productions by Skip Scarborough. Webster was an outstanding musician, arranger, conductor and producer, all of which is reflected on this album, arguably his finest. He was a graduate from Morgan State College and earned a master's degree from the New England Conservatory of Music, where he also was an associate dean from 1972 to 1978. After the four albums for Epic (all of which have been re-issued in 2008 by Expansion Records with bonus cuts), he has one final outing with the Love Unlimited Orchestra on Barry White’s Unlimited Gold label with an album “Welcome Aboard”. He had toured as conductor of the orchestra (and also as Herbie Hancock’s music director).- Expansion

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