Victor Haynes - My Time Is Here CD
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Victor Haynes

My Time Is Here CD


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Title: My Time Is Here CD
Artist: Victor Haynes
Label: Expansion
Catalogue #: EXCDP64
Format: CD
Genre: 00s Soul & Nu / Neo Soul
Release Year: 2014
Condition: New & Sealed

1. My Time Is Here
2. Get Back
3. Serious
4. Run Away
5. So Real
6. Feel
7. Sleep Over
8. No One Better
9. Stay With Me
10. Love Will Conquer All
11. Together
12. Give Me The Reason
13. Groovin`
14. Summer Of Love

Victor Haynes is an accomplished UK singer and songwriter who has enjoyed immense popularity over many years both locally and internationally. Victor's musical talent is not only versatile and timeless but also boundless; as well as being a smooth soul singer, he is an accomplished singer in the field of jazz and swing. His brand new album My Time Is Here is in the main a feel good experience focusing on upbeat and mid tempo songs. While in Victors trademark retro style it also embraces contemporary music elements and slower jams too, all with feel good vibes. My Times Is Here takes you on a music journey, features Miss Dawn Zee (co-vocalist on Get Back) and guest sax licks from Victors long standing side man Dean Houston. Slow fast jazzy soulful it's all there, it's not just an album to sit on your coffee table and blend in to the furniture, it takes you on a ride that's up lifting and enjoyable and hopefully it will puts some soul back into your step.

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