The Undisputed Truth - Cosmic Truth / Higher Than High CD
  • The Undisputed Truth - Cosmic Truth / Higher Than High CD
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Undisputed Truth

Cosmic Truth / Higher Than High CD


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Title: Cosmic Truth / Higher Than High CD
Artist: Undisputed Truth
Label: Kent
Catalogue #: CDTOP2483
Format: CD
Genre: Funk, 70s Soul
Release Year: 2019
Condition: New & Sealed

1. Earthquake Shake
2. Down By The River
3. UFO's
4. Lil' Red Ridin' Hood
5. Squeeze Me, Tease Me
6. Spaced Out
7. Got to Get My Hands On Some Lovin'
8. 1990
9. (I Know) I'm Losing You


1. Higher Than High
2. Poontang
3. Life Ain't So Easy
4. Boogie Bump Boogie
5. Help Yourself (2nd Version)
6. I'm In The Red Zone
7. Overload
8. I Saw You When You Met Her
9. Ma

Most of Ace and Kent’s releases from the Motown catalogue have been 60s-oriented, but a little over a year ago we issued a 2CD collection by one of the company’s most prominent 70s acts. Our collection of three complete albums (all hitherto unissued on CD) plus bonus tracks by the Mk I line-up of the Undisputed Truth was warmly received, and has proven to be one of the most popular of our Motown releases so far.


We were immediately asked if we had any plans to issue the repertoire of the Mk II line-up, consisting of two albums which had also evaded CD issue. We aim to please, and so February brings the digital debut of “Cosmic Truth” and “Higher Than High”, restored to catalogue after an absence of over 40 years.


These albums offer a slightly more ‘spaced out’ side of the Truth, still under the guidance of their mentor and star Motown producer Norman Whitfield. At the time of release, they were somewhat submerged in the first wave of disco, but are now regarded as pristine examples of psychedelic soul. The hit singles ‘U.F.Os’, ‘Higher Than High’ and a rebuilt version of their earlier hit, ‘Help Yourself’, are among the many highlights across the two albums.


Mastered from fresh transfers of the original album production masters, with the usual high-quality image-filled booklet - featuring a sleevenote based on a recent interview with Vee McDonald from the Mk II group - it’s another Ace Motown set that no collector of ‘The Sound Of Young America’ should pass up the opportunity to purchase.

- Ace Records

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