The Originals - The Essential Collection CD


The Essential Collection CD

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Title: The Essential Collection CD
Artist: Originals
Label: Spectrum
Catalogue #: 5447052
Format: CD
Genre: Motown
Release Year: 2002
Condition: New
1. Baby I'm For Real
2. You're The One
3. The Bells
4. I'll Wait For You
5. I'm Someone Who Cares
6. The Only Time You Love Me
7. We Can Make It Baby
8. God Bless Whoever Sent You
9. I Like Your Style
10. We Got A Way Out Love
11. Don't Stop Now
12. Lie No 2
13. Come Rain Or Shine
14. Ooh I Got A Crush On You
15. Good Lovin' Is Just A Dime Away
16. I've Never Begged Before
17. Don't Turn The Lights Off
18. It Could Never Happen

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