Sound Of Sidra - The Definitive Northern Soul Recordings CD

Various Artists

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Title: Sound Of Sidra - The Definitive Northern Soul Recordings CD
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Outta Sight
Catalogue #: OSCD011
Format: CD
Genre: Northern Soul
Release Year: 2010
Condition: New & Sealed
1. Two Plus Two - Look Around
2. The Capreez - How To Make A Sad Man Glad
3. Gwen Owens - Just Say You're Wanted (And Needed)
4. Gary Haines - Keep On Going
5. Marisa Gatti - Love's What You Want
6. The Precisions - Such Misery
7. Ronnie And Robyn - Sidra's Theme
8. Barbara Mercer - Call On Me
9. The Embraceables - Here I Go
10. The Sharpets - Lost In A World Of A Dream
11. Flery Bursey - God Must Have Created Love
12. The Profonix - Open Up Your Heart
13. 5 Of A Kind - The Other Side
14. Timmy Willis - Mr Soul Satisfaction
15. Gwen Owens - I Lost A Good Thing
16. Two Plus Two - I'm Sure
17. Lou Ragland - Baby You're Mine
18. Ronnie And Robyn - Step Into My Heart
19. The Embraceables - Let My Baby Go
20. The Precisions - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)
21. Pearl Jones - Please Stay
22. Ronnie And Robyn - As Long As You Love Me
23. Dave Hall - Look At Me
24. Barbara Mercer - So Real
25. Byron - I Just Want You (For My Own)
26. The Profonix - Ain't No Sun
27. Ronnie & Robyn - We've Got Each Other 
At last...a long overdue and unique retrospective of the Detroit Sound and Sidra group of labels. This exhaustive compilation delves deep into the archives of Sound Inc. and its sister label Sidra to reveal long lost treasures by Pearl Jones and her Embraceables, Barbara Mercer, the formidable Precisions, The Sharpets, The Profonix, the outrageously rare Byron, Marisa Gatti plus Northern Soul’s holy grail - Two Plus Two - and a bonus, previously unreleased track, by teen duo Ronnie and Robyn. 
Many of these songs are established Northern Soul classics and others may be heard for the first time and together they form an historic and important archive.
Deluxe packaging featuring in-depth liner notes and rarely seen images
Northern Soul favourites plus new-to-CD and previously unreleased tracks

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