Soul City Los Angeles - West Coast Gems From The Dawn Of Soul Music 2x CD
  • Soul City Los Angeles - West Coast Gems From The Dawn Of Soul Music 2x CD
  • Soul City Los Angeles - West Coast Gems From The Dawn Of Soul Music 2x CD

Soul City Los Angeles - West Coast Gems From The Dawn Of Soul Music 2x CD

Various Artists

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Title: Soul City Los Angeles - West Coast Gems From The Dawn Of Soul Music 2x CD
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Fantastic Voyage
Catalogue #: FVDD192
Format: CD
Genre: Northern Soul, 60s Soul, R&B
Release Year: 2014
Condition: New & Sealed
1. Soothe Me - The Simms Twins
2. Right To Love  - The Simms Twins
3. The Smile  - The Simms Twins
4. You're Pickin In The Right Cotton Patch  - The Simms Twins
5. Stay Where You Are - The Olympics
6. Baby, It s Hot  - The Olympics
7. Come On  - Earl Nelson
8. No Time To Cry  - Earl Nelson
9. Lookin' For A Love  - The Valentinos
10. Somewhere There's A Love - The Valentinos
11. Damper - Johnnie Morisette
12. Meet Me At The Twistin' Place - Johnnie Morisette
13. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere  - Johnnie Morisette
14. Here Comes The Night (Part 1) - Jimmy Norman
15. Here Comes The Night (Part 2) - Willie 'Moon Man' Echols
16. The Heebee Jeebees  - Wally Cox
17. I Can't Help It  - Wally Cox
18. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow - The Rivingtons
19. Deep Water  - The Rivingtons
20. My Reward  - The Rivingtons
21. Waiting - The Rivingtons
22. The Love I Just Lost  - Beamon Young
23. Some Day - Beamon Young
24. That Much Of Your Love  - Donald Woods
25. Memories Of An Angel  - Donald Woods
26. All By Myself - Zeke Strong & His Queen Tones
27. Your Heart Must Be Made Of Stone - Zeke Strong & His Queen Tones
28. This Is The Nite  - The Valiants
29. Love Game  - The Valiants
30. Frieda Frieda  - The Valiants

1. Soul Motion - Don & Dewey
2. Stretchin' Out - Don & Dewey
3. A Whole Lotta Woman - Johnnie Taylor
4. Why, Why, Why - Johnnie Taylor
5. Never, Never - Johnnie Taylor
6. Rome (Wasn t Built In A Day) - Johnnie Taylor
7. Looking Back  - Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
8. The Eagle Is Back - Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
9. Johnny Guitar - Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
10. Cuttin' In  - Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
11. Sweet Lovin' Mama  - Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
12. The Angels Gave You To Me - Gene And Eunice
13. I Mean Love - Gene And Eunice
14. I Ain't Guilty  - The Crawford Brothers
15. It Feels Good - The Crawford Brothers
16. Just Like That - The Robins
17. Oh No - The Robins
18. Glory Of Love  - The Velvetones
19. I Love Her So - The Velvetones
20. I Pity You Fool  - Jennell Hawkins
21. Don't Worry Bout Me - Jennell Hawkins
22. Heavenly Angel  - The Viscaynes
23. Yellow Moon  - The Viscaynes
24. Uncle Sam Needs You - The Viscaynes
25. That's All I Ask - Tommy Knight
26. There's No Pain  - Tommy Knight
27. Lucy Lee - Lloyd George
28. Sing Real Loud - Lloyd George
29. She's All Right - Troy Walker
30. I'm Gettin' Hip - Troy Walker 
Soul City Los Angeles presents recordings which served to establish the musical direction of LA and neighbouring West Coast conurbations in the late 1950s and early 1960s when R&B was evolving into the style that became known as soul. Compiled and annotated by soul music authority Clive Richardson, Soul City Los Angeles is the latest in a series that has previously explored the nascent soul scenes in Detroit, New York and Chicago. This instalment presents a selection from key independent labels of the area, including Sam Cooke s SAR and Richard Vaughn s Arvee, as well as choice items from Aladdin, Liberty, Imperial and Ebb, and collectable releases from more obscure imprints. Famous names on CD1 of this 60-track 2CD set include the Olympics, the Valentinos (aka the Womack Brothers) with Lookin For A Love , the Rivingtons with Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow , and Johnnie Morisette with Meet Me At The Twistin Place , while CD2 features Ko Ko Mo hitmakers Gene & Eunice, both sides of a 1962 single on Rush by Don & Dewey, early recordings by future stars Johnnie Taylor and Johnny Guitar Watson, and a young Sly Stone as a member of the Viscaynes. Soul fans of the early 1960s could often figure out the geographic origins of new singles as much by the sound as by any knowledge of sometimes obscure artists and labels, with the output of West Coast studios tending to have a harder sound in comparison with some more sophisticated (for the era) productions from the opposite coast or the regions of the Great Lakes. Here we have music from the formative period of the soul era in Los Angeles. - Fantastic Voyage

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