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James Brown – Night Train CD (Hallmark)

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1. Hold It
2. Scratch
3. Night Train
4. The Wobble
5. Night Flying
6. Just A Little Bit Of Everything
7. Doin’ Everything
8. Suds
9. Tonk Game
10. Switch-A-Roo
11. Bushy Tail
12. Cross Firing

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James Brown




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Although largely credited to James Brown, Night Train was effectively a compilation album and a way for King Records to gather together a host of twist records by relatively unknown artists. Whilst it sold mainly on the back of having James Browns seeming endorsement, King Records also re-released the album twice under different titles in order to extract every last, possible sale! Whilst the theme, such as it is, may have been the twist, there is some interesting material on display here, including several cuts that have long been in-demand items. Several of the names will mean little or nothing to the casual purchaser, but there is a certain quality to the album, despite the somewhat haphazard manner in which it was assembled.