Northern Soul 2008 24 Northern Soul Monsters CD + DVD (Centre City)

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1. Fay Jones – You Threw A Lucky Punch
2. Nat Augustine – Love Is My Sanctuary
3. Holly Harrison – Bright Lights Of The City
4. Shenton Dixon – I’ll Move A Mountain
5. The Concentrations – Man On The Spot
6. Tahira Jumah – World Of Your Own
7. Jennifer Dee – No More Water In The Well
8. Winston Ward – Following The Crowd
9. Donna Williams – Landed On My Feet
10. Marvin Cotterell – Try Walking In My Shoes
11. Judith Hall – Out Of The Picture
12. Laverta Lewis – Starry Eyed
13. Jimmy Thomas – First Class Ticket
14. The Flirtations – Camouflage
15. Verna Francis – Like A Live Wire
16. Angelo Starr – Don’t Leave Me Stranded
17. Jimmy James & The Vagabonds – What More Can A Man Do
18. Kitty Corbin – Guessing Games
19. Pamela Ivonne-Cole – Retribution
20. Michael Lloyd Pinq – Rain From The Skies
21. Judy Duff – No More Second Chances
22. Big Al Cooper – Top Secret
23. Milton Brown – Losing My Sense Of Direction
24. Amanda White – Leave Your Heart At The Door
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Northern Soul 2008


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This brand new album of 24 sizzling Northern Soul floor-fillers, plus four extra tracks for the DVD, making a package of 28, is the sequel to last year’s album “Northern Soul 2007”.

Both these albums have a CD and DVD, and they represent tremendous value for money, as well as furthering the concept of Northern Soul into the next generation. The last album was hailed as ‘the most important brand new album in the entire history of the Northern Soul Scene’; these are truly unique compilations. Produced by Ian Levine, one of the most influential DJs of the genre, there are no less than 24 brand new recordings here that recapture the essence of a music style born of the late 60s and early 70s and still popular worldwide.

Northern soul is at the root of the dance music scene which for over 35 years has attracted die hard fans including many who yearn for new music to be made in that style without losing the magic of what made the original records so special. Producer Ian Levine went on to make High Energy hits in the 80s (including Evelyn Thomas “High Energy” which sold 7,000.000 copies), and then in the 90s was the Producer who broke Take That, giving them no less than 3 major hits. Here Ian has gone back to his roots and has found a brand new eager and hungry audience on YouTube, where, by puting up some of the videos from this forthcoming album, he has pulled in nearly 2,500,000 million hits to date.

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