Kofy Brown – Love Warrior CD (Soul Brother)

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1. Love Warrior’s Theme
2. Wanna Luv You
3. Fly Away
4. I Like It
5. Keep On Movin
6. Walkin Out Of Time
7. #57
8. Mind Travelin
9. All She Could Say
10. Just A Woman
11. Battle 4 Love
12. Alright
13. Make Fun
14. Yesderday’s Dream
15. Erotik
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Love Warrior


Kofy Brown





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Kofy Brown is unique and original. Armed with her trademark word-song delivery, creative passion and smoky alto voice, Kofy’s free spirited attitude bends musical categories and expectations. Originally from Washington DC, the statuesque and lithe powerhouse is firmly established in the Oakland, California Hip Hop/Soul scene. Kofy and her band the KBB are well known for their electrifying stage show which is full of priceless vitality.

Kofy Brown’s music demonstrates an intensely gratifying mix of cool soul, electric funk and moving lyrics. This, her sixth album, and first to be released in the UK, features 16 funky soul cuts. These vary from the spoof blaxploitation title track to the funky groovers “Keep on Movin'” and “Mind Travelin'” to the funk rock of Erotik and Curtis Mayfield influenced “Walking Out of Time” and “Just a Woman” to the eclectic “Alright” and downbeat ‘hidden’ track “Cold Lampin”.

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