Wigan Casino 50 Golden Years – The Home Of Northern Soul – Various Artists LP Vinyl (Charly)



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Side A
1. Don Thomas – Come On Train
2. Mr Floods Party – Compared To What
3. The Chandlers – Your Love Makes Me Lonely
4. Jerry Fuller – Double Life
5. The Inspirations – Your Wish Is My Command
6. Lydia Marcelle – It’s Not Like You
7. Ron Holden – I’ll Forgive And Forget
8. Donna King – Take Me Home

Side B
1. Billy Hambric – She Said Goodbye
2. Jerry Williams – If You Ask Me (Because I Love You)
3. Sons Of Moses – Soul Symphony
4. Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs – Being Without You
5. Gene Chandler – I Can Take Care Of Myself
6. Paula Parfitt – Love Is Wonderful
7. Creation – I Got The Fever
8. Little Richie – Just Another Heartache

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Wigan Casino 50 Golden Years


Various Artists




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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the world’s No.1 disco – the high temple of Northern Soul – the legendary WIGAN CASINO, Lancashire.

Set against a backdrop of rampant inflation, the 3- day working week and national power cuts, Northern Soul emerged as an escape, a secret society, a haven for like-minded teenagers. Every Saturday night for eight years, the faithful made the pilgrimage to the desolate mill town of Wigan to a broken down, pre-War dancehall on Station Road.

It was a sanctuary, a special place of togetherness, elitism, and the catalyst for the music scene’s longest enduring sub-culture… Northern Soul.

Our exclusive playlist highlights key records from the thousands played at the famed all-nighters by its original founding deejays, Russ Winstanley, Kev Roberts and Richard Searling.

Keep The Faith…

Wigan Casino 50th Anniversary Special Edition

100% Northern Soul as played by original Casino DJs Russ Winstanley, Kev Roberts and Richard Searling

Endorsed by No.1 collector Tim Brown, owner of the world’s most valuable record ‘Do I Love You’ by Frank Wilson

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