Brenda Jones – Super Stroke / Big Mistake 45 (Expansion) 7″ Vinyl

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Brenda Jones – Super Stroke

Brenda Jones – Big Mistake

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Brenda Jones

A Side

Brenda Jones – Super Stroke

B Side

Brenda Jones – Big Mistake





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“Big Mistake” is a record with a lot of fans and as many questions! Q: Why is it the B-side? A. This is where it appeared originally. Q: Who is Brenda? A: We believe she is the late Brenda Melson aka Brenda Lee Jones from Dayton, Ohio. Q: What is the song about? A: She wrote it for her adopted son and is about the mistake his real mother made. Q: Why the fuzzy guitar? A: It was the flavour of the day and make it a Marmite record, BUT, many soul fans have waited years for a re-release as original copies are few and far between. Q: Is it a perfect recording? A: Maybe not entirely, but we have been supplied with the original tape masters used for the 1974 pressings. Q: So how many people want it? A: At least 500 on Discogs, there are no originals available and the highest paid for one was £800