Candi Staton – Candi Staton LP Vinyl (Kent)

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Side One
1. Do It In The Name Of Love
2. Darling You’re All That I Need
3. Blackmail
4. In The Ghetto
5. Wanted: Lover

Side Two
1. The Best Thing You Ever Had
2. Lovin’ You, Lovin’ Me
3. I’ll Drop Everything And Come Running
4. You Don’t Love Me No More
5. The Thanks I Get For Loving You

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Candi Staton


Candi Staton





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In 1972, Rick Hall moved distribution of his Fame label from Capitol to United Artists. This was to give his label more heft internationally as well as Stateside. The first single from this new agreement was Candi Staton’s ‘In The Ghetto’ which was released in May 1972. Not only did the single do well, but Staton received a personal note from Elvis Presley telling her how much he had enjoyed her version of the song.

Two more successful singles – ‘Lovin’, You, Lovin’ Me’ and ‘Do It In The Name Of Love’ – followed before her third Fame album – “Candi Staton” – became the first LP to be distributed under the new agreement with United Artists.

Containing all three singles and B-sides such as ‘You Don’t Love Me No More’ and ‘The Thanks I Get For Loving You’ “Candi Staton” is a ten track beauty, a fantastic album and a cornerstone of Southern Soul.

Ace have already reissued Staton’s first two Fame albums – “I’m Just A Prisoner” and “Stand By Your Man” – which received rave reviews and put Staton’s classic music on the turntables of an old and new generation. This is the third card in that three card trick to complete the series.

With liner notes by our own Ian Shirley and fantastic photos from the FAME archive, “Candi Staton” looks as good as it sounds.

Buy it in the name of love. – Ace Records

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