• Yet Mo' Mod Jazz - Various Artists CD (Kent)
  • Yet Mo' Mod Jazz - Various Artists CD (Kent)
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Yet Mo’ Mod Jazz – Various Artists CD (Kent)

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01 Memphis Soul Stew – King Curtis & The Kingpins
02 The Sidewinder – Tamiko Jones with Herbie Mann
03 Right Now – Mel Torme
04 Listen Here – Eddie Harris
05 Memphis Underground – Herbie Mann
06 Twist City – Johnny Griffin & Matthew Gee & Their Soul Groovers
07 Heartbreaker – Ray Charles
08 Wild Man On The Loose – Mose Allison
09 Burnin’ Coal – Les McCann
10 Compared To What – Les McCann & Eddie Harris
11 Do It To Death – Jackie Ivory
12 Jet Set – Dave Pike
13 Love-In – The Charles Lloyd Quartet
14 Tres Lobos – Mark III Trio
15 Fever – Esther Phillips
16 You’re The Boss – LaVern Baker & Jimmy Ricks
17 Get On The Right Track Baby – Ray Charles
18 Jam Up Twist – Tommy Ridgley
19 Watermelon Man Ska – Byron Lee & The Ska Kings
20 Sticks & Stones-Part I – Gene Ludwig
21 The Foolkiller – Mose Allison
22 Bloodshot – Hubert Laws
23 It’s A Funky Thing-Right On Part 1 – Herbie Mann
24 Sombrero Sam – The Charles Lloyd Quartet
25 One Note Samba (Part 2) – The Modern Jazz Quartet with Laurindo Almeida
26 When A Man Loves A Woman – Eddie Harris

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Yet Mo' Mod Jazz


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It was an exhaustive trip-.-I’d been everywhere in an attempt to find them, and then in a little shop somewhere outside Dakar I found them – a pair of hand-stitched Weejun loafers. The shoe just hasn’t cut it since they went over to the machine seamstress in the late 80s. Of course, after I had loaded my rare sporting bag – the England 1974 World cup edition a source of eternal giggles to us Scots – it was off to Italy to top up on my tan and cappuccino. So imagine my shock and surprise when after a short stopover in Paris to pick up on some yellow label Coltrane originals, I returned to my Mayfair flat to discover a tape for the new mod jazz compilation which Ady had surreptitiously crafted in my absence. Not only that but the wiley old dog had somehow gained entrance to the Atlantic tape vaults – he just didn’t look agile enough for that drain pipe, so I’m presuming bribes or compromising photographs came into operation here.
So I pour myself a large bourbon, sink myself down into the large Eames chair and give the thing a (metaphorical) spin. Damn I’m jealous! Should have got there first – should have let me do it, mumble, mumble…Hold on, got to pull myself together, compose myself and listen. Yeah, listen as King Curtis joins up with the American Studio boys for Memphis Soul Stew. Then Tamiko and Herbie groovin’ on Lee Morgan’s Sidewinder, Mel Torme being cooler than most of us thought possible on Right Now. And this is just for starters.
The sheer terror of never being asked back into the mod jazz fold starts to take hold as Eddie Harris begins on his most irresistible groove. I fumble across the room for my packet of Gauloises, refill my tumbler and the music continues to roll past. Herbie returns, Sax legend Johnny Griffin takes on the twist and there was only going to be one winner, and then in comes Brother Ray. God I thought the quality had to drop. Mose Allison and Les McCann then continue the soulful pianists. McCann being joined by Eddie Harris on the fantastic Compared To What.
I’m starting to forget my worries now, as I know that help will be needed in Mod Jazz land because this is too good to try and emulate on your own. So I start to enjoy Jackie Ivory’s uplifting organ, Dave Pike’s internationalist Jet Set and even the hippie jazz of Charles Lloyd. So the alcohol has started to kick in but I’m sure I’d have been dancing to the Mark III Trio anyway, and just try and stop me move to Fever especially if it is being aided and abetted by Esther Phillips and a whole army of bongos.
The whole thing is getting me in the mood to go out, so after showering to the immaculate vocals of LaVern Baker, Jimmy Ricks and Mr Charles once more, I unfurl my midnight blue mohair and dress to Tommy Ridgley and the mod – ska – jazz (do I win a prize for inventing a new genre?) of Byron Lee and mates. Gene Ludwig and Mose Allison have me dancing again and I’m suddenly not rushing to get out whilst the tape progresses. So I have a small one for the road and let Hubert Laws, Charles Lloyd and a leering Herbie Mann take the strain. This just leaves a bit of easing out with the MJQ taking on Jobim and Eddie Harris winning a battle with Percy Sledge, perfect for easing me out into the night-time shadows.
By Dean Rudland – Ace Records