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  • Webster Lewis - Touch My Love CD
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Webster Lewis – Touch My Love CD (Expansion)

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1. Hideaway
2. Barbara Ann
3. There’s A Happy Feeling
4. Touch My Love
5. Believe In Yourself
6. Seasons
7. Loving
8. We(e) Church 
9. Japanese Umbrella 
10. Spirit Of Love 
11. Touch My Love (Alternative Mix) 
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Webster Lewis




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This second of four albums by keyboard player/producer Webster Lewis and released – FOR THE FIRST EVER TIME ON CD.



Complete with previously unheard BONUS TRACKS Webster was prominent as an artist through the late 70s and early 80s appealing to soul and jazz fans alike.



From this album “Barbara Ann” is an iconic piece of Latin jazz fusion. It’s among the best of it’s kind in the genre, though particularly thrilling on this issue is to introduce the superb bonus cut instrumental “Japanese Umbrella” which is more state of the art jazz funk heard for the first time here in thirty years. (With all bonus tracks in this series, each relate to the correct original album as highlighted in records kept by Sony BMG archives). “Hideaway” is also considered one of the finest pieces of jazz fusion from the period. “Touch My Love” is fully tooled up with the finest musicians around and a production budget most artists could only dream about these days! – Expansion