• The Impressions - Abc Rarities CD
  • The Impressions - Abc Rarities CD
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The Impressions – Abc Rarities CD (Kent)

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01 Can’t You See
02 Love Is A Mystery
03 Emotions (Won’t You Let Me Cry)
04 You’ll Want Me Back
05 Never Too Much Love
06 Never Could You Be
07 (Man Oh Man) I Want To Go Back
08 This Must End
09 I Need A Love
10 You’ve Got Me Runnin’
11 We’re Rolling On Parts 1&2
12 Don’t Cry My Love
13 Just Before Sunrise (from motion picture “East Of Java”)
14 East Of Java (from motion picture “East Of Java”)
15 Yesterday
16 All My Trials
17 The Look Of Love
18 Thanks To You
19 Sermonette
20 Once In A Lifetime
21 Puppy Love
22 Bring A Little Water Sylvie
23 Oo You’re A Livin’ Doll
24 Fool On The Hill
25 Devil In Your Soul
26 This Is The Life
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OK, so this CD includes the whole of the Versatile Impressions album, which was their last ABC album and may well not be considered their best work. But this is a whole lot more! In fact the first twelve tracks are vintage Curtis, at the height of his composing and musical powers. Almost all of these titles have not seen the light of day since their first vinyl release and several have never been released at all. This has taken a team of us, using Peter Burns’ comprehensive discography, to piece together the various locations for the tapes – and we didn’t have to use one disc dub in the end, although it came perilously close for one title! – Ace Records