• Steppin' Stone: The XL And Sounds Of Memphis Story Volume 3
  • Steppin' Stone: The XL And Sounds Of Memphis Story Volume 3
  • Steppin' Stone: The XL And Sounds Of Memphis Story Volume 3 (Back Cover)

Steppin’ Stone – The XL & Sounds Of Memphis Story Volume 3 CD (Kent)

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01 If You Never See Me – Willie Walker
02 I Won’t Have To Cry No More – Willie Bollinger
03 Saturday In The Park – The Jacksonians
04 Hook Line And Sinker – The Minits
05 How Can I Get Next To You? (Alternate vocal) – George Jackson
06 I’m Your Slave – Otis Wheat
07 You’re Slipping Away – Dan Greer
08 I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know – The Jacksonians
09 People Are Talking – William Bollinger
10 Run Around – Willie Walker
11 Love Letters (That’s All That’s Left Of You) – The Minits
12 Sparkle Eyes – The Jacksonians
13 Always Treat Your Woman – Art Jerry Miller
14 Chirpin’ – Lou Roberts
15 Take A Look At Yourself – Dan Greer
16 Love Trying To Come – George Jackson
17 Love Is Blind – Erma Shaw
18 Steppin’ Stone – Louis Williams
19 Lover Boy – The Minits
20 Guessing Game – Jimi Hill
21 Because Of You – Tekelia Kelly
22 The Plumber – The Ovations

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The third volume of our successful series digging into the Memphis production powerhouse Sounds Of Memphis and its XL label. Our earlier volumes threw light on the studio’s incredible southern soul legacy and the strength of music that was laid down. The third volume digs deeper and is made up of mainly unreleased masters but all of unerringly high quality.




The discoveries are incredible, with the front ranking being two numbers by Willie Walker. Despite being recorded as demos they are as good as any single that ever made it to vinyl. Equally, recordings by Willie Bollinger, the awesome Otis Wheat and Art Jerry Miller are fantastic. All artists with a very low profile but on the aural evidence they deserved to be much better known.




We feature two more cuts from George Jackson, including a brilliant alternate vocal to ‘How Can I Get Next To You’ and the previously unheard ‘Love Trying To Come’. We also have two wonderful pieces by producer Dan Greer, whose voice is the height of soulfulness, plus work from the Minits, whose recordings at Sounds Of Memphis never fail to impress. We take the story into the 80s with a couple of recordings from Tekelia and Erma Shaw, showing that Sounds Of Memphis continued to produce soulful gems into that decade.




Extensive notes and rare photos complete this fantastic package.  – Ace Records