• Can't Shake This Feelin' / Labor Of Love - Two Classic Albums On One CD -0
  • Can't Shake This Feelin' / Labor Of Love - Two Classic Albums On One CD -0

Spinners – Can’t Shake This Feelin’ / Labor Of Love CD (Expansion)

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Can’t Shake This Feelin’
1. Can’t Shake This Feelin’
2. Knack For Me
3. You Go Your Way (I’ll Go Mine)
4. Love Connection (Raise The Window Down)
5. Never Thought I’d Fall In Love
6. Didn’t I Blow Your Mind
7. Send A Little Love
8. Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling
9. Got To Be Love
Labor Of Love
10. Long Live Soul Music
11. Standing On The Rock
12. Medley: Yesterday Once More / Nothing Remains The Same
13. Almost All The Way To Love
14. The Winter Of Our Love
15. Be My Love
16. Give Your Lady What She Wants
17. A Man Just Don’t Know What A Woman Goes Through
18. The Deacon

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The Spinners story begins in Detroit, hence how for UK audiences from 1967 they became originally known here as The Detroit Spinners. It was important they were not confused with the Liverpool folk group of the same name.


Ultimately this was relaxed and on these reissues it should be clear we present the American vocal group we know best for “It’s A Shame”, “I’ll Be Around” and “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”.


The Spinners adopted many musical styles across the decades from 60s Motown then 70s Philly before arriving in the 80s Michael Zager’s “I Just Want To Be With You” on “Love Trippin” (1980) and the two albums presented here from 1981. “Labor Of Love” engaged further with Michael Zager, “Can’t Shake The Feelin’” a collaboration with James Mtume & Reggie Lucas from the period they were delivery success for Phyllis Hyman and Stephanie Mills. Terrific music here from a golden era of soul music by one of the genre’s most iconic groups.




– First CD issue of “Labor of Love” with songs by Willie Hutch and Michael Zager


– Both album sre-mastered from original master tapes


– “Can’t Shake This Feelin’” with classic songs and productions by Mtume & Lucas”.