• Something New To Do - The Phillip Mitchell Songbook - Various Artists CD (Kent)
  • Something New To Do - The Phillip Mitchell Songbook - Various Artists CD (Kent)
  • Something New To Do - The Phillip Mitchell Songbook CD (Back Cover)

Something New To Do – The Phillip Mitchell Songbook – Various Artists CD (Kent)

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1. Cold Hearted Woman – John Edwards
2. Free For All (Winner Takes All) – Mel & Tim
3. (You Gotta) Come Through Me – Garland Green
4. Carry Me – Ernie Shelby
5. I Don’t Do This (To Every Girl I Meet) – Sidney Joe Qualls
6. It Be’s That Way Sometimes (Single Edit) – Joe Simon
7. Archie’s In Love – Archie Bell And The Drells
8. Something For My Head – Bobby Womack
9. You Made Me What I Am – Erma Coffee
10. Gonna Have A Murder On Your Hands – J J Williams
11. Little Things Aka It’s Those Little Things That Count – Phillip Mitchell
12. It Hurts So Good – Katie Love And The Four Shades Of Black
13. If You Can’t Give Her Love Give Her Up – Mary Wells
14. Starting All Over Again – Johnnie Taylor
15. Trippin’ On Your Love – The Staple Singers (Sung By Mavis Staples)
16. Hitch Hike To Heartbreak Road – Bobo Mr. Soul
17. Here I Am Again – Candi Staton
18. Something New To Do – Bobby Sheen
19. The Only Time You Ever Say You Love Me (Is When We’re Making Love) – Dorothy Moore
20. A Star In The Ghetto (Single Edit) – Ben E King & Average White Band
21. That’s The Way I Wanna Live My Life – Tommie Lee
22. Leftovers (Single Edit) – Millie Jackson
23. How Can I Go On Without You – Corey Blake

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Something New To Do – The Phillip Mitchell Songbook


Various Artists





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With our Songwriter Series well established as a regular feature of the Ace catalogue, we felt it was time to salute more great tunesmiths whose success as writers has been largely confined to the soul/R&B market.

Few are more deserving than Phillip Mitchell – a cult hero to many soul fans as a writer and a singer, and a man whose catalogue of songs is as consistently good as it is prolific.

His songs have been recorded by some of the biggest names in soul – particularly during the 1970s, when his name appeared under the title of many high-profile 45s. A quick perusal of the artists featured here will demonstrate how highly Phillip’s songs were rated by his peers.

It was not easy to whittle the mountain of great versions of Mitchell songs down to a representative 23 and there’s plenty of scope for a follow up if this one sells as well as we hope.

In-depth annotation, copious illustrations and a value-for-money, near 80 minutes worth of music will make this a must for every serious soul enthusiast.

Ace’s well-established Songwriter Series doesn’t wander into the realms of soul as often as some might wish, but we aim to remedy that in future with more salutes to great black American writers of the past 40 years, particularly those whose work excites collectors simply on the strength of their name under a title. We weigh in this month with an unquestionably strong collection of classics written or co-written by soul hero “Prince” Phillip Mitchell.

The songs here mostly chose themselves, through their popularity with record buyers or the acclaim afforded them by collectors and dancers on the Northern and Modern-Crossover scenes. ‘I Don’t Do This’, ‘Come Through Me’, Corey Blake, our title track – I would have been excommunicated from every soul forum and dancehall in the world if I hadn’t included these. And why wouldn’t I anyway, they’re all fine tunes.

As with other CDs in the series, one shouldn’t always expect the obvious version of any song. Instead of hearing Phillip himself sing ‘Free For All’, for example, you will hear Mel & Tim. And instead of hearing Mel & Tim sing ‘Starting All Over Again’, you will hear Johnnie Taylor. John Edwards’ sensational ‘Cold Hearted Woman’ is here so that we can include Phillip singing ‘Little Things’. Katie Love’s original of ‘It Hurts So Good’ takes precedence over Millie Jackson’s version because, well, it’s the original. And we can then feature Millie’s underrated ‘Leftovers’. Nothing wrong with any of this – there are no losers in this game.

I shouldn’t need to be hard-selling any part of this CD. Check out that track listing – it speaks for itself. It’s very rare that you will hear so many great songs, one after another, sung by so many great voices. The only real problem you might have with this collection is deciding which track you like best. By Tony Rounce – – Ace Records

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