Millie Jackson – Soul For The Dancefloor CD (Kent)

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1. If That Don’t Turn You On
2. All I Want Is A Fighting Chance
3. You Can’t Stand The Thought Of Another Man Loving Me
4. Breakaway
5. Somethin’ ‘Bout ‘Cha
6. House For Sale
7. Don’t Send Nobody Else
8. How Can I Make Sweet Love To You (If You Won’t Stand Still)
9. My Heart Took A Licking (But It Kept On Ticking)
10. We’re Gonna Make It
11. Close My Eyes
12. My Man Is A Sweet Man
13. Love Doctor
14. Put Something Down On It
15. A Little Taste Of Outside Love
16. Ask Me What You Want
17. I Miss You Baby
18. Gospel Truth
19. Letter Full Of Tears
20. Rising Cost Of Love
21. Fancy This
22. You Can’t Turn Me Off (In The Middle Of Turning Me On)

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Soul For The Dancefloor


Millie Jackson




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Millie Jackson spares no blushes – she tells it like it is. After she came to international prominence with her first Spring release, A Child of God, Millie created an impressive repertoire of Grade-A, no bull, soul music in her own straight-talking and earthy style. She’s renowned and revered for her ballads and concept albums revolving around sex wars and infidelity, so this month’s release is a bold move. Here we have re-visited the best dance tracks from her impressive 16 album Spring catalogue and cut straight to the chase with the aptly titled “Soul For The Dancefloor”… a 22 track Kent compilation, which is a feast of soulful, danceable numbers. It winds up being, quite possibly, the finest ‘true soul’ femme vocal, dance album, of all time.

22 solid dancefloor delights, but strictly not Disco fodder. The songwriting talents of George Jackson, Bobby Womack, Phillip Mitchell, Ashford and Simpson etc, see to it that even the most hairy-chested soul fan is completely satisfied.

Northern Soul fans should be delighted with Millie’s first ever 45, the stomping My Heart Took A Licking (But It Kept On Ticking), whose mere title is enough to conjure up adrenalin filled dance floors. They will also be pleased to discover several others that meet the criteria of Motownesque. Tracks such as Close My Eyes and I Miss You Baby will win many more fans for the fraternity. Those with a lust for the Modern or Deeper side will be overjoyed to have album tracks like Somethin’ ‘Bout Cha, You Can’t Turn Me Off and You Can’t Stand The Thought all on the same CD.

The 21st century soul DJ will find this compilation indispensable as the raps and segues of the original concept LPs have been edited where appropriate, for instant punch. He’ll be especially pleased to hear and play the debut issue of the US 45 mix of If That Don’t Turn You On, debuting here. It’s so strong we’ve opened the whole package with it.

When this CD puts such gems as Breakaway, Love Doctor and Don’t Send Nobody Else into context, true soul music lovers won’t be able to resist picking the original vinyl up for a song and I’m sure some of those price tags will start creeping up over the next few months. Millie has shown herself capable of matching most male singers in all sorts of ways, over the years. Here she takes on Little Milton with her reading of We’re Gonna Make It and then fellow Chicagoan, Darrow Fletcher and his Rising Cost Of Love; and gives a stunning performance every time. Her duet with Prince Phillip Mitchell on Fancy This is an unexpected bonus and yet again, all shades of soul fans can unite in their acclaim for House For Sale; just as they will do for this exquisite CD.

By Sean Hampsey & Ady Croasdell – Ace Records

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