• Manhattan Soul Volume 1 - Scepter, Wand & Musicor - Various Artists CD (Kent)
  • Manhattan Soul Volume 1 - Scepter, Wand & Musicor - Various Artists CD (Kent)
  • Manhattan Soul Volume 1 (Back Cover)

Manhattan Soul Volume 1 – Scepter, Wand & Musicor – Various Artists CD (Kent)

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1. That’s No Way To Treat A Girl – Marie Knight
2. I Want A Guarantee – Maxine Brown
3. Hey Girl – Porgy & The Monarchs
4. I Love You 1000 Times – Platters
5. Take My Love Along With You – The Tabs
6. A Little Bit Of Heartbreak – Helen Henry
7. Stick By Me – Ed Townsend
8. Afraid Of Love – Johnny Maestro
9. Live On – J B Troy
10. I’ve Got To Find Someone To Love Me – Jerry Fisher & The Nightbeats
11. Millionaire – Lee Thomas
12. Walking With Pride – Dan & Clean Cuts
13. I Could Love You More – Buckeye Politicians
14. Will There Ever Be Another Love For Me -Winfield Parker
15. Ain’t No Love Lost – Patti Jo
16. Sweeping Your Dirt Under My Rug – Ann Bailey
17. The Same Change – Jackie Moore
18. Speed Up – Betty Moorer
19. Without Your Love – Diane Lewis
20. One Time Too Many – The Shirelles
21. You Got It Baby – The Toys
22. Blast Off To Love – Henderson, Jocko
23. Diamond Ring – The Dinos
24. So Help Me Woman – George Tindley

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Manhattan Soul Volume 1 – Scepter, Wand & Musicor


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Kent records cut its teeth on the great New York labels Scepter, Wand and Musicor. The imprints were much more than the hits of the time, already widely available so we’ve gone back to the one-offs, the neglected and indeed the newly discovered sides that have turned up in recent times.

Dancers are catered for by classics including Marie Knight’s ‘That’s No Way To Treat A Girl’, (here in the intriguing long version that Kent first discovered), Betty Moorer’s Latin-tinged ‘Speed Up’, Diane Lewis’ Detroit opus ‘Without Your Love’ and JB Troy’s currently in-demand ‘Live On’.

There are some choice unissued sides from the unknown Helen Henry, singer/producer Ed Townsend with a beaty proto-soul number and a terrific slab of early funk from the magnificent Jackie Moore. An Ashford, Simpson and Armstead song, ‘One Time Too Many’, is a mouth-watering taster of a forthcoming CD of unissued Shirelles recordings.

The more modern sounds of the labels’ influential 70s singles are represented by the southern-sounding Ann Bailey, a Curtis-inspired Patti Jo and the oddly-named, but surprisingly soulful, Buckeye Politicians.

Big city ballads are rightly represented and the notable ones include Winfield Parker’s scarce ‘Will There Ever Be Another Love For Me’, George Tindley’s beautiful ‘So Help Me Woman’ and a previously unissued version of the popular beat ballad ‘Millionaire’ by the unknown artist Lee Thomas. Finally we’re including Johnny Maestro’s flip to ‘Stepping Out Of The Picture’, ‘Afraid Of Love’, which is a corking early soul sound deserving of plays.- Ace Records

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