• Brent - Superb 60s Soul Sounds - Various Artists CD (Kent)
  • Brent - Superb 60s Soul Sounds - Various Artists CD (Kent)
  • Brent: Superb 60s Soul Sounds CD (Back Cover)

Brent – Superb 60s Soul Sounds – Various Artists CD (Kent)

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1. Praying For The Rain To Come – Dave Crawford
2. Port Of Happiness – June Jackson & The Jackaels
3. You Did It Before Aka You Did It For Me – Jeannie Trevor
4. I Pray That Things Will Change – Julius Wright
5. One Little Dance – The Moovers
6. I Want To Love – Brenton Wood
7. I Love You Baby – The Moovers
8. Begging You – Ronnie White
9. Go To Him – Clyde Wilson
10. Later For You, Baby – Marva Josie
11. Wondering If You Still Miss Me – Laura Johnson
12. Don’t You Know That I Believe – Carl Lester & The Show Stoppers
13. I Need You, Baby – Lewis Clark
14. Pretty Boy – Linda Lyndell
15. Here Comes The Heartaches – The Lovells
16. Millionaire – Dave Crawford
17. A Lot Of Lovin’ Goin’ Round – Clarence Hill
18. Cross The Bridge – Brenton Wood
19. Tinklin’ Bells – Jeannie Trevor
20. My Man-He’s A Loving Man – Linda Lyndell
21. Got To Give You Up – Ronnie White
22. Don’t Play With My Heart – Marvel Hurrell
23. Fly By Night – Varetta & The Thomases
24. Someone (Who Needs You Like I Do) – Bertha Tillman

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Brent – Superb 60s Soul Sounds


Various Artists





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Independent record label owner Bob Shad had several labels from the late 50s to the mid-70s, Brent being the one chosen for the issue of most of his 60s soul output. His recordings on this CD came from five cities:

The opening Dave Crawford track is a stunning mid-tempo soul opus with female vocal group virtually sharing lead duties, but has only ever been witnessed on the master tape box. The flip ‘Millionaire’ came out on both sides of a promo but a regular copy has never been seen, heard or logged. Crawford was to become a king-pin in the Miami soul sound of the 70s, working with the Lovells whose ‘Here Come The Heartaches’ was an early Northern Soul scene hit. He took Linda Lyndell to Stax in 1968 having recorded her on ‘Pretty Boy’ and ‘My Man – He’s A Loving Man’ for Brent.

Mike Lenaburg of Phoenix, Arizona had two productions released on Brent and Ronnie White’s ‘Begging You’ was the label’s swansong, a pleading southern soul ballad.

Shad was based in Manhattan but issued music from any “happening” area and was one of the first to venture into Detroit soul. Releases from Marva Josie and Laura Johnson came from the Correc Tone studios; highly sought-after records being exceptionally well written, produced and sung.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles was a major source of material for the label. Male singer- songwriter June Jackson cut two sides with his group the Jackaels. The mid-tempo big beat ballad ‘Port Of Happiness’ is the best find of this genre in the last decade. Brenton Wood recorded four sides for Brent, spread out over three singles. For the first time in stereo we present the mid-tempo dancer ‘Cross The Bridge’ and ‘I Want Love’ – the prototype for his soul balladry, beloved of the southern Californian Hispanics. Clarence Hill’s in-demand ‘A Lot Of Lovin’ Goin’ Round’ is reminiscent of Sam Cooke.

New York
Shad’s home base, where two unissued dance tracks by jazz singer Jeannie aka Jeanne Trevor were made. ‘Tinklin’ Bells’ is a forceful black version of the Johnny Payne popcorn classic and ‘You Did It Before’ is another big city production. Mystery singer, Julius Wright, recorded the haunting dancer ‘I Pray That Things Will Change’ in New York, unheard until now.

– Ace Records

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