On The Right Track With Northern Soul DJ Ginger Taylor by Rob McKeever Book

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A story of a DJ’s lifelong obsession with Northern Soul.

“Ever since i was a teenager the only thing I ever wanted to do in my life was to DJ”………..Ginger Taylor

B5 SIZE (250mm high x 176mm wide) Printed on quality materials. Comprising 126 pages including 12 in full colour with approximately 300 images all relating to the Northern Soul Scene. Dancers Artists, Record Scans, Flyers, etc.

Topics Include:- The Northern Soul movement has generated derision by some and aroused fervent passion from its followers. In its early days it was a movement easily misunderstood by outsiders and not without cause. Its followers dressed differently, to others of the same generation, bought records that nobody else wanted, from a distant part of the planet, at ridiculous prices. Where everyone at the clubs danced by himself or herself in anyway their bodies reacted to the music. It is the only part of the entertainment industry where one could be forgiven at times for thinking that the DJs and collectors are the stars and the artists whose material they use, are the extras. A scene where a small minority of white (blue eyed soul) singers compete for airplay amongst an immeasurable and ever increasing number of black artists who predominantly used stage names in preference to their birth names. Confused?……………….

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On The Right Track With Northern Soul DJ Ginger Taylor




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Ginger and Eddie the Early Years in Todmorden, Burnley and Cleethorpes – The crazy years of two Northern Soul teenage DJ’s: On one occasion when travelling with Andre and Jan Barker, they were running late for Cleethorpes. Eddie in an effort to make up some time went through a red traffic light and guess what? Opposite them was a police car, which immediately turned around in pursuit, with blue flashing light and siren screaming! After coming to a halt the conversation went something like this:Policeman: Where do you thing you’re going – Eddie: (rather cockily) To the pier to do a gig, we are Northern Soul DJ’s Ginger and Eddie. Policeman: I don’t give a F??? if you are Lennon and McCartney, you don’t go through a red light on my patch…..

Shortly afterwards his spilt with Eddie Ginger formed a loose partnership with Tim Brown. Tim was good for me, Ginger recalls I had gone stale, he was a breath of fresh air and more important just like me he was crazy: According to Tim: When Ginger split with Eddie, a relationship between Ginger and I developed and by 1975, we were travelling together. Although Ginger and Christine were married at this time we had become firm friends and his DJ-ing continued unabated. In fact it was due to Ginger that I met Martin Koppel. It came about in 1976 when Martin was on one of his trips to the UK to sell records, primarily to DJs and collectors. Ginger asked if he could meet Martin at my house because he didn’t want Christine (his wife) to know how much he was spending on records! He introduced me to Martin and it turned out to be a turning point for me as later Martin and I formed the business partnership, Anglo American.

The 1980s and resurgent 1990s – From 1980 to around 1983 most readers will be surprised to know that Ginger was buying and playing pop music. When I put this to him, I expected him to be a little embarrassed by this revelation, not in the slightest as he went on to explain: The Northern Scene was very quiet during the 80s, it almost died a death. At the time I had three young children and I needed the money to build a house on some land I had bought in Todmorden. In fact I will even admit to playing in strip clubs for the simple reason that they paid much better. In my defence I have to say it wasn’t quite all pop music I also played some Motown.

Against all expectations Gingers Northern Soul DJ Career was reactivated due to a chance meeting in 1990 with his old friend Richard Searling this led to an invitation to perform an oldies session at Parkers in Manchester and afterwards the Trafalgar at Salmesbury.

The Northern Soul DJ and his Art – ……..to a Northern Soul DJ owning ordinary records, is not a preferred option; exclusivity and quality are everything. We are all familiar with the saying ‘Its what is in the grooves that Count’ the grooves that can turn people into helpless, emotional wrecks, raise goose pimples on your arms and make the hairs on the back of your neck bristle and tingle. We’ve all been there haven’t we? Rare Northern Soul vinyl to a DJ is a drug, crack cocaine on a turntable, it can produce a heady mix of adrenalin and delusionary power. That box of records to a Northern Soul DJ is equivalent to a boy racer’s Ferrari.includes photos of top DJ’s,

The Millennium – The resurgent 90s moved effortlessly into the Millennium. Interest was stimulated further with the arrival of the internet. Radio was now hosting a dozen or so shows each week, resulting in more venues being added to an already comprehensive list

Now over his illness, busier times lay ahead for Ginger Taylor and over the next 7 years or so he was to establish himself as the most in demand Northern Soul club DJ in the country

Gingers Favourite Artists

Gingers Top Tens including record Scans

Gingers Favourite Top Ten UK Releases – 1 Billy Butler Right Track 2 Contours Just A Little Misunderstanding Tamla Motown 3 Timi Yuro It’ll Never Be Over For Me 4 Ray Pollard The Drifter 5 Hoagy Lands The Next In Line 6 Jackie Wilson I’m The One To Do It 7 Kim Weston Helpless 8 Johnny Wyatt This Thing Called Love 9 Darrell Banks Open The Door To Your Heart London 10 Artistics I’m Gonna Miss You

His Top Rarities.- The Four Vandals Story* (In full for the first time both sides of the story from Ginger and Ian Levine), It finally came to a head at the Stoke all-nighter, when he (Ian Levine)came on stage retorting ‘what you have been saying about me’. As he spoke a smile came across his face, I knew then I had been taken in. I reached out and grabbed him by ear and squeezed, he screamed “get off me I have just come out of hospital”. I replied as I drew him towards me, “you and I Ian are going to have a big fall out”

Various Playlists…………. Blackpool Weekender 2007 Playlist (Saturday afternoon): Brenda Holloway- When I’m Gone. Marvin Gaye and Tammy-Terrell Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Four-Tops-Something about You, Miracles-Going to Ago Go, Gladys Knight-If You Ever Get Your Hands on Love, Sam and Dave-Sooth Me, Sapphires-Got To Have Your Love, Impressions-You’ve Been Cheating, Ike and Tina Turner-Dust My Broom, Jackie Lee-Darkest Days, The Dells-Run for Cover, Sam Dees-Lonely For You Baby, Johnny Taylor-Blues in the Night, Pat and Blenders-Just Because, Mickey Champion-What Good Am I, Joy Lovejoy-In Orbit, Leon Haywood-Baby Reconsider, Barbara Mills-Queen of Fools, Lavern Baker-I’m The One to Do It, Gladys Knight-No One Can Love You More. JD Bryant at the time this record came up I was seriously ill, I’d even reserved my plot in the graveyard………. we agreed on a price of £4,150. Never knowing I would ever get the chance to play it; it went massive all over the country. ………

Ginger the Joker – The Helicopter Pilot Ginger and Dave Leedham were coming out of the dance hall after Ginger had finished dj-ing at Skegness. As they passed an amusement arcade Dave Leedham bet Ginger that he couldn’t get into a (kiddies) helicopter. Oh yes I can said Ginger, a little worst for wear, after having a few brandies. So he gave it a try, eventually squeezing and forcing himself into the tiny seat. Not exactly sitting comfortably he then said, hey Dave can you put 20p in? Dave obliged and the helicopter started to gyrate, within seconds the mount snapped and Ginger was thrown to the ground, still stuck in the helicopter. Barely able to stand for laughing, Dave extracted him and they quickly left the scene.



“A really entertaining read -essential stuff for any Northern Soul aficionado”……………Richard Searling

“Very Readable”………Ady Croasdell of Kent Records

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