Luther Ingram – If It’s All The Same To You Babe / Exus Trek WHITE VINYL 45 (Inferno) 7″ Vinyl



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Luther Ingram – If It’s All The Same To You Babe

Luther Ingram – Exus Trek

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Luther Ingram

A Side

Luther Ingram – If It's All The Same To You Babe

B Side

Luther Ingram – Exus Trek




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Limited Edition white vinyl  (150)

By arrangement with legendary Motown producer Robert Bateman, this iconic Detroit Northern Soul double sided anthem gets its first legal release on Robert’s H.I.B label since the 60’s.

The record has been revered in Rare Soul circles since bursting on to the Northern scene in the early 70’s – and thoroughly deserves its five star status. There is arguably no other Northern classic 45 where the instrumental and vocal versions both stand up in their own separate rights as such truly great records.

This breathtaking dancers delight was recorded at Detroit’s Golden World Studio using the Funk Brothers moonlighting away from Motown. The “Orchestra” – actually just two violinists (!) – were then overdubbed by Robert at Mercury’s studio in New York, until he achieved the perfect Wigan Casino wall of Adrenalin Soul sound.

Local success for this masterpiece in St. Louis led to Atlantic’s Jerry Wexler picking up the record for distribution across the USA.