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Richard Searling's Music From The Soul CD

Various Artists


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Title: Richard Searling's Music From The Soul CD
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Expansion
Catalogue #: CDEXP22
Format: CD
Genre: Modern Soul, 70s Soul, 80s Soul
Release Year: 2005
Condition: New & Sealed
1. You'll Never Get My Love - Mike Jemison
2. Fly Now - Pay Later - The Intrigues
3. Why Are You Crying - Bobby Boyd
4. Fire (It's Getting Hot) - Crosswind
5. Just What I Had In Mind - Gary Taylor
6. Always Be A Part of Me - Elaine Stepter
7. After Hours - Charlie Mitchell
8. Let Yourself Go - Friends Of Distinction
9. Commitment - Scott Scheer
10. You Hit My Love - Hari Paris
11. I Just Found Out - Freddie Hughes & The Chevelles
12. I'll Run To Your Side - Harvey Scales
13. Inside My Love - Memphis
14. Keep A Little Lovelite Burnin' - Sheila Hutchinson
15. Love Is Missing From Our Lives - Chuck Cissel
16. With You - Frank Snowden
17. Expect A Miracle - Gina Foster


Track Profile

1. You'll Never Get My Love -Mike Jemison

Taking us back to the 70s and the glory years of the Casino All Nighters in Wigan, this deeply soulful dancer from the underrated Mike Jemison was a track I had "covered up" as "The Men in the Moon" and typifies the shift towards mid-tempo soulful quality at that legendary venue towards the end of its days. This was originally played from a 45 on the Detroit-based LAKE RECORDS label, and was later to be also included on Mike’s hard-to-find Geneva LP. If you like this, watch out for his other gem "You Make Me Feel The Way I Do" on Cotillion.

2. Fly Now - Pay Later - The Intrigues

One of three songs included here from the Janus stable. This wonderful group song is my tribute to the irreplaceable Van McCoy, being co-penned and produced by Van and Joe Cobb back in 1972.


3. Why Are You Crying - Bobby Boyd

This awesome modern soul dancer has remained one of the most elusive tracks to hunt down since it first turned up back in the early 90s. Originally included on the mega-rare album from 1976 on the Tiger Lily label which also gave us the highly collectable Jackson Sisters set from around the same time. Listen for the brilliant sax breaks from the middle of this track, stunningly produced by the legendary George Benson.


4. Fire (It's Getting Hot) - Crosswind

Arranged in Washington DC by the phenomenal Al Johnson, this exclusive was my 80s "cover up" artist renamed as Patrick Moten! Such was the intensity of rivalry between both DJs and record importers at the time that re-titling became a necessity to avoid copyists and parasitical ploys by those who wished to feed freely off the hard work and creativity of others. Both sides of this rare Harbor City 12" are superb, this being one of the decade’s coolest dancers I think, and it’s great to see it on CD at last!


5. Just What I Had In Mind -Gary Taylor

Taken from the singer songwriter’s debut album for A&M in 1983, this was one of the tracks I remember fondly championing on both Radio Hallam in Sheffield and Red Rose in Preston at the time of release along with other gems on the set such as "Without you in my life" and "This Time". Gary remains to this day one of America s top soul artists having subsequently released a consistent array of great music from this early 80S start up through to his new album for 2005 which is shortly to be made available. A beautiful song performed by a beautiful human being.


6. Always Be A Part of Me - Elaine Stepter

This great stepper came out towards the end of the 80s on the tiny indie label, 1800 Records. All Elaine’s output is great, and she has new product due for release very shortly. A big Manchester tune from the sadly missed and hugely respected days of Sunset Radio.


7. After Hours -Charlie Mitchell

What a record! Another from the Janus label, produced in 1973 by Tony Silvester from The Main Ingredient. Originally recorded by JR Bailey on his great MAM LP from 1972, this arrangement brings even more to the poignant lyrics of this true soul masterpiece. A fantastic example of serious soul, sung from the heart and how pleased I was to be able to include it here on CD for the very first time.


8. Let Yourself Go -Friends Of Distinction

No initial Richard Searling compilation would be complete without a track from The Friends of Distinction. Taken from their early 1969 RCA album "Highly Distinct", this uplifting, optimistic Willie Hutch composition is classic West coast "cravat" soul at its very best. Real soul sophistication from a terrific group. A year later they would record "Grazin In The Grass", one of our music s defining moments and the song that made them internationally famous.


9. Commitment -Scott Scheer

Recorded in 1987 for the Los Angeles-based Platinum Rainbow label, the brilliant vocals on this song come from Kareem and sit with stunning effect against the backdrop of Scotts saxophone mastery. A haunting, powerful piece of lyrically astute 80s soul.


10. You Hit My Love -Hari Paris

Produced by Kevin McCord in Detroit in 1986, this great track from the tiny indie CAREDAJA label has consistently been one of the most requested tracks on my radio shows over the last couple of decades. Hari Paris handles this beautiful composition superbly and was later to further underline her artistry when she cut "My Favourite Thing" (with Calvin Brooks) some years later. From a musical family, her mother recorded for Chess in the 60s.


11. I Just Found Out -Freddie Hughes And The Chevelles

Our third and final raid into the vaults of Janus records, this is deep soul at it’s most majestic. Freddie Hughes is one of California s greatvocalists having risen to prominence with his big 60 s soul hit "Send My Baby Back" in 1966. The album is now extremely in-demand as is this 45 he cut back in 1972. Freddie is still recording to this day, and has an equally talented son, Derrick who is already starting to show equal prowess to his very talented father, having worked with Norman Connors and put out a fine indie album a couple of years ago.


12. I'll Run To Your Side -Harvey Scales

A 1974 recording for the Chicago-based Cadet Concept label, like theFreddie Hughes track, this really exudes quality with a deliciously mellow vocal performance over the top off a subtle arrangement. Harvey would later cut another connoisseurs gem in the form of his 80 s indie release, "Spend The Night Forever".


13. Inside My Love -Memphis

Only a handful of copies of this marvellous 1982 groover have ever surfaced. Released locally by the West Coast label this is a serious piece of music, reminiscent of the type of ballad making inroads into the RnB charts at the time from acts like Confunkshun and The Bar Kays. Sounding very "major label" and a real coup to get included on this CD.


14. Keep A Little Lovelite Burnin' -Sheila Hutchinson

This is one of the best and most polished indie soul releases of all-time. Produced by the excellent Ron Kersey in 1990 for tiny STRAIGHT LIFE label out of Santa Monica, California this exceptional Alex Brown - penned ballad brings out the very best in the ex Emotions lead vocalist s voice, and Sheila in turn puts in the performance of her life to repay the favour. Stunning – and they don t make em like this anymore!


15. Love Is Missing From Our Lives -Chuck Cissel

Of all the great tracks I’ve included here I think this must go down as my favourite. Chuck takes hold of the Tony Hestor number (it originally appeared on the Dells V Dramatics Volt album in the 70s) and turns it into one of the finest pieces of soul recorded in the last 25 years. Arista put out two albums by this severely underrated vocalists and there are other tracks worth hunting down, but believe me this is already packed in my "desert island” suitcase. The pinnacle of 80s soul.


16. With You -Frank Snowden

Having already cut discs around his native Philadelphia (under the guise of Psychedelic Frankie) this obscure yet totally wonderful 2-stepper slipped out on a small label 12" back in 1986 and has been high on collectors wants lists ever since. A mesmeric masterpiece.


17. Expect A Miracle -Gina Foster

We finish with a UK recording from an artist based in the North West of the UK, Gina Foster. This track was taken to Dean Johnson at his record store in Manchester prior to release. Dean promptly picked up on it, passed it to me for airplay and the response was fantastic. I remember Gina turned in a great P A of this track at one of Alex Lowes Southport weekenders. Probably one of the top 5 all-time UK soul productions, that’s how good it is!



-Richard Searling

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