Pied Piper Finale CD

Pied Piper Finale CD

Various Artists


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Title: Pied Piper Finale CD
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Kent
Catalogue #: CDKEND461
Format: CD
Genre: Northern Soul
Release Year: 2017
Condition: New & Sealed

1. THE BARI SAX (aka This HEart Is Lonely) - The Pied Piper Players
2. EASE MY MIND - Lorraine Chandler
3. YOU CAN'T BYPASS LOVE - The Hesitations
4. AMERICAN DOLLAR (Original Version) - Willie Kendrick
5. NO BABY - The Metros
6. I'D LIKE TO KNOW? - The Pied Piper Players
7. I'M WITH YOU - September Jones
8. CRAZY THINGS - Joe Douglas
9. I LIKE YOUR STYLE - Freddy Butler
10. YOU'LL NEVER KNOW - The Hesitations
11. WE GO TOGETHER (RAP INTRO) - The Cavaliers
12. SWEETEST ONE - The Metros
13. I CAN'T CHANGE - Yvonne Baker & The Sensations
14. GAMBLER'S BLUES - Nancy Wilcox
15. SHE DON'T WANT YOU (Original Version) - Lorraine Chandler
16. WATCH YOURSELF (SHE'S FOOLING YOU) (Original Version) - Willie Kendrick
17. DESERTED - Freddy Butler
18. IT'S BETTER - Reggie Alexander
19. SOUL SUPERMAN - The Hesitations
20. WHAT CAN I DO - The Pied Piper Players
21. IT TAKES TWO - Four Sonics
22. TOY BOY - King Louie's Court
23. THAT GIRL OF MINE - The Persians
24. LOVE WILL FIND A WAY - The Pied Piper Players

This final CD of Pied Piper material features more exciting tape finds. There’s even a little-known Pied Piper record from King Louie’s Court.


We feature Jack Ashford’s first productions away from Detroit: the Joe Douglas and Yvonne Baker Philly releases from 1965. The alternate version of Douglas’ ‘Crazy Things’ is a previously unreleased gem. The most exciting recent find is Lorraine Chandler’s ‘Ease My Mind’, a Pied Piper song and track undocumented until the recent transfer of Jack’s Just Production tapes.


Also included is the sumptuous backing track to Rose Batiste’s ‘This Heart Is Lonely’. We have kept some of Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent’s background vocals to differentiate it from the basic instrumental issued as ‘Bari Track’ by Doni Burdick. That 45 became a Northern Soul monster in 70s England and is presented here in its purest form from the original 1965 multi-track.


Willie Kendrick gives us alternate takes of ‘American Dollar’ and ‘Watch Yourself (She’s Fooling You)’, tracks unknown prior to featuring on our “Rare Collectible And Soulful” CDs in the 90s. The alternate early version of Lorraine Chandler’s ‘She Don’t Want You’ sounds terrific too. The Hesitations and Freddie Butler tracks are taken from their Kapp LPs and demonstrate that Pied Piper was more than just a dance label, while Reggie Alexander’s pricey rarity ‘It’s Better’ was very popular in the UK throughout the 80s and 90s.


The Metros’ ‘No Baby’ is the only one of their RCA recordings to never have been on CD before and their superb ballad ‘Sweetest One’ was their only R&B hit. The musicians get their turn with instrumentals of ‘What Can I Do’, ‘I’d Like To Know’ and ‘Love Will Find A Way’. Nancy Wilcox’s ‘Gambler’s Blues’ comes from a recently unearthed master tape for the first time and the rap-intro version of the Cavaliers’ ‘We Go Together’ debuts on CD.


Compilation and notes by Ady Croasdell

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