Otis Williams - I Got To Have You / Take Me Back 45
  • Otis Williams - I Got To Have You / Take Me Back 45
  • Otis Williams - I Got To Have You / Take Me Back 45

Otis Williams

I Got To Have You / Take Me Back 7"

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A Side: Otis Williams - I Got To Have You
B Side: Otis Williams - Take Me Back
Label: Soul Intention
Catalogue #: SI005
Format: 7" Vinyl
Genre: Modern Soul, 70s Soul
Release Year: 2011
Condition: Excellent


This has got to be one of the best 70's double-siders ever! The owner and producer Kent Washburn has this to say .......


 "I am so pleased to see that these two masters finally get to the public. It finally confirms my belief way back in the early 70's, of the serious validity of:


(1) the songs, (2) the musicians and (3) the technical staff. These tracks are seriously good, and why they never got released is a mystery to me at this point. I even chatted with Otis (Williams) recently, and he can't even remember why he was in St Louis to start with, or what prompted us to even cut the tracks either However, he does confirm that it is him, and yes, he does remember the songs and recording them, but he can't remember how the whole thing got hooked up to start with, and neither can I!! Never-the-less, Here are the people that helped create these two excellent sides.... Both Sides were Produced by Michael L Smith (now known as Michael Lovesmith, or just Lovesmith) along with Kent Washburn. Steve Litman, (the engineer that recorded and mixed all of their collaborations) was the Engineer. The musicians were the "A" team at that time in St Louis. This "CMC Rhythm Section" consisted of: Bass: Tom Zuzenak or Paul Jackson ( can't really remember which one played Otis' session, but I would think it was Tom Zuzenak from listening to it.) ... Drums: Michael Grimes, and Guitar: Phil Westmoreland ,(both were part of the group, Marcus Kelly and Westmoreland Co.), Keyboard: Michael L Smith. I used them on Everything I did, along with a keyboardist that was not on the Otis session, named: William "Billy B" Bickelhaupt. Some of the Horn Players were Tyrone Perry and David Hines, Myself, and some others whose names escape me (please forgive...smile). Strings were the local Symphony Strings. And, almost 40 years later, Hello from St Louis, et, al.... You now get to finally hear it!!!" - Soul Intention

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