The Original Eight Mile - Westbound Records 40th Anniversary CD
  • The Original Eight Mile - Westbound Records 40th Anniversary CD
  • The Original Eight Mile - Westbound Records 40th Anniversary CD (Back Cover)

Original Eight Mile - Westbound Records 40th Anniversary CD

Various Artists


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Title: Original Eight Mile - Westbound Records 40th Anniversary CD
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Westbound
Catalogue #: WEST40
Format: CD
Genre: Funk, 70s Soul
Release Year: 2008
Condition: New & Sealed
1. I’ll Bet You - FUNKADELIC
2. Trapped By A Thing Called Love - DENISE LaSALLE
3. Pain (pt.1) - OHIO PLAYERS
4. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright – BILL MOSS
5. Why Not Start All Over Again - THE COUNTS
6. Feel The Need In Me – DETROIT EMERALDS
7. Yes I’m In Love - UNIQUE BLEND
8. Get Up Off My Mind - DENISE LaSALLE
10. Cosmic Slop - FUNKADELIC
11. Funky Worm - OHIO PLAYERS
12. Crazy Legs - DONALD AUSTIN
13. Back To Funk - ROBERT LOWE
15. Devil’s Gun - CJ & COMPANY
16. Alvin Stone - FANTASTIC FOUR
17. Sweet Taste Of Sin - DENNIS COFFEY
18. Suzie Thundertussy - JUNIE
19. Cookie Jar - FUZZY HASKINS
20. Manhattan Love Song - KING ERRISON
21. Your Love Is My Desire - ERAMUS HALL
22. You Brought The Sunshine (Into My Life) - THE CLARK SISTERS

Westbound Records reaches the grand old age of 40 this autumn and we celebrate the fact with a compilation that shows off the many (soulful) facets of the label. Westbound was started by Detroit distributor Armen Boladian as an outlet for local talent in a Detroit seriously depleted of labels in the wake of Motown’s dominance. Not only did he turn out some number one hits but, in Funkadelic, he had one of the most influential groups of the last 40 years. Armen’s nurturing of George Clinton’s masterplan was not an obvious course, but it would eventually, with the arrival of sampling, pay off. In the meantime it allowed Westbound to develop a crazy line of off-kilter funk that is represented here by not just Funkadelic, who give us their debut hit ‘I’ll Bet You’ and the incredible ‘Cosmic Slop’, but a host of others. The most successful were the Ohio Players with their ‘Funky Worm’ and S&M album covers.Others who made this glorious groove include former Funkadelic Fuzzy Haskins, future Funkadelic and former Ohio Player Junie Morrison.


Westbound had a great streak of success with soul, often recorded in Memphis at Hi Studios. This route provides us with the disco classic by the Detroit Emeralds’ ‘Feel The Need In Me’ and Denise LaSalle’s classics of the period such as her R&B #1 ‘Trapped By A Thing Called Love’. As with all labels some amazing records slipped through the net and now tunes such as those by Unique Blend, the Counts and Eramus Hall are sought-after collectors items. Westbound had several other strings to its bow, such as disco hits by Dennis Coffey, CJ & Company and Mike Theodore, all represented here. Its jazz label Eastbound is now highly sought-after, be it with 45s by Melvin Sparks, Robert Lowe and Donald Austin or obscure albums. Since getting out of the pop field Boladian has carried on releasing gospel recordings, a strand that was part of Westbound’s history over the years. To represent this side of the label we have included the amazing Bill Moss’ ‘Everything Is Going To Be Alright’ and the Clark Sisters’ fantastic ‘You Brought The Sunshine’, which was also a big disco hit.


The booklet contains a rare interview with Boladian, making the whole compilation a worthy celebration of a great label’s 40th anniversary-- Ace Records

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