Oh Yeah! The Original Sound Of Rhythm & Soul LP

Oh Yeah! The Original Sound Of Rhythm & Soul LP

Various Artists


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Title: Oh Yeah! The Original Sound Of Rhythm & Soul LP
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Outta Sight
Catalogue #: RSVLP010
Format: LP Vinyl
Genre: R&B, Popcorn / R&B, Mod / Club
Release Year: 2018
Condition: New & Sealed

1. Bobby Mitchell - Well, I Done Got Over It
2. Jimmy Nolen - The Way You Do
3. Hamp Jones - Pack Your Clothes
4. Dorothy Berry & Jimmy Norman - I’m With You All The Way
5. Carol Fran - Knock Knock
6. B K Anderson - The Minimum Wage
7. Frank Minion - How Much Land (Does A Man Need)
8. Don Randi - Oh Yeah!


1. Lenny Johnson - Honey Bee
2. Chuck Willis - Whatcha’ Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You
3. Gino Parks Love-Tones - For This I Thank You
4. Big Moose & The Jams - The Bright Sound
5. Larry Bene - Come Back
6. Alan Knight - Chills
7. Percy Mayfield - Say You Love Me
8. The Originals feat. Tony Allan - Little Lonely Girl

You could be forgiven for thinking that this compilation draws its name from Don Randi’s rare popcorn-oddity “Oh Yeah!” (side 1, track 8). But in fact, it is inspired by the opening lines of Bobby Mitchell’s legendary New Orleans R&B dancer (side 1, track 1)…
“Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Yeah, I done got over it.”

Mitchell’s epic fire starter was recorded in 1960 for Sho-Biz Records and has waited almost 60 years to be fully recognized as a truly awesome slice of R&B propelled along by Dr John’s piano and Hungry Williams’ rhythm section with a price tag in access of $500!

The set continues with Chuck Scratch Nolen’s signature guitar on his Federal rarity “The Way You Do” and the compelling R&B roller “Pack Your Clothes” by Hamp Jones. Dorothy Berry & Jimmy Norman raise the pace with HB Barnum’s production on his own Little Star label while Carol Fran terrifies everyone with her raucous R&B thumper “Knock Knock”. BK Anderson, Frank Minion and Don Randi round off side 1 with three storming popcorn favourites.
Side 2 is equally uplifting and kicks off with the insanley rare “Honey Bee” by Bethlehem recording artist Lenny Johnson. Look out too for Larry Bene’s in demander “Come Back” and Tony Allan’s harmony rarity “Little Lonely Girl” recorded for Art Laboe’s Original Sound label.
Oh Yeah Indeed!…


Over $3,000 worth of original vinyl now available - for the first time - on one collectable Long Play vinyl album


16 massive tracks including in demand R&B and popcorn rarities from Bobby Mitchell, Jimmy Nolen, Frank Minion and Larry Bene


Includes the ultra rare “Honey Bee” by the wonderful Lenny Johnson


Of huge interest to R&B DJ’s and collectors

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