Nightshift By Pete McKenna BOOK


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Title: Nightshift By Pete McKenna BOOK
Author: Pete McKenna
Publisher: Countdown
Catalogue #: NIGHTSHIFT
Format: Paperback
Release Year: 2011
Condition: Excellent

 The personal recollections of growing up in and around the casino soul club, Empress hall, Wigan between Sept 1973 and Dec 1981 alongside a world of Blackpool rock, gleaming scooters and Northern soul music, which moves along with all the amphetamine –fuelled pace and grace of a casino dancer.

The original book first published in 1996 has now been updated to include additional accounts of the soul scene, scooters, sex and speed.
This new edition for 2011 is limited to 600 copies so it become a collectors item in the same way Pete northern soul novel ‘Who the hells Frank Wilson’ has become.
134 Pages

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