Millie Jackson - Free And In Love CD
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Millie Jackson

Free And In Love CD


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Title: Free And In Love CD
Artist: Millie Jackson
Label: Southbound
Catalogue #: CDSEWM032
Format: CD
Genre: 70s Soul
Release Year: 1992
Condition: New & Sealed
01 House For Sale
02 I'm Free
03 Shoot The Moon
04 There You Are
05 Do What Makes The World Go Round
06 Bad Risk
07 Feel Like Makin' Love
08 Solitary Love Affair
09 I'm In Love Again

Millie Jackson and Muscle Shoals studio, with Hood, Hawkins and Barry Beckett lining up behind the belting voice of Ms Jackson make for a great combination. Brad Shapiro produces as the sounds get heavier and some pretty whammy guitar drifts by - something which is now fairly common place on soul records, but in 1976 was something totally new. To add to the overall guitar ambiance there is even a cover of Bad Company's Feel Like Making Love. Heavy stuff from a heavy lady.-  Ace Records

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