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Millie Jackson

For Men Only CD


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Title: For Men Only CD
Artist: Millie Jackson
Label: Southbound
Catalogue #: CDSEWM070
Format: CD
Genre: 80s Soul
Release Year: 1993
Condition: New & Sealed
01 This Is Where I Came In
02 This Is It
03 If That Don't Turn You On
04 I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again
05 A Fool's Affair
06 You Must Have Known I Needed Love
07 Despair
08 Not On Your Life
09 Ain't No Comin' Back

Millie Jackson started out in Thomspon, Georgia and ran away from home in 1957 to settle in New York City. She worked as a model and then became a singer at the Palm Cafe in Harlem. By 1969, she had perfected her "live" act and cut a single for MGM. It flopped and she had to wait until 1972 to record again. That year her Spring debut A Child Of God (It's Hard To Believe) was a minor hit.

Albums such as Millie Jackson, Caught Up, Still Caught Up and Feelin' Bitchy established Millie's reputation as a fine singer who incorporated the trademark rap into her songs, often used provocative language and was backed by the punchy sound of Muscle Shoals. For Men Only came out in 1980 and contains two Billboard R&B charting singles - Despair and This Is It. Recorded at Muscle Shoals with contributions from Jimmy Johnson, Roger Hawkins and David Hood among the support personnel, it's another essential slice of The Rappin' Queen of the outspoken lyric. -  Ace Records

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