Mecca 45 - Blackpool Mecca 45th Anniversary 1971-2016 LP

Mecca 45 - Blackpool Mecca 45th Anniversary 1971-2016 LP Vinyl

Various Artists


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Title: Mecca 45 - Blackpool Mecca 45th Anniversary 1971-2016 LP Vinyl
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Outta Sight
Catalogue #: OSVLP009
Format: LP Vinyl
Genre: Northern Soul, 70s Soul
Release Year: 2016
Condition: New & Sealed

1. The Boogie Man Orchestra Featuring Mel Hayes - (Theme From) Lady, Lady, Lady (Are You Crazy For Me?)
2. Kim Tolliver - I Don’t Know What Foot To Dance On
3. Lou Courtney - Tryin’ To Find My Woman
4. Benny Troy - I Wanna Give You Tomorrow
5. The Moments - Nine Times
6. The LTG Exchange - Keep On Trying


1. Bobby Womack & Brotherhood - Home Is Where The Heart Is
2. Universal Mind - Something Fishy Going On
3. Hubert Laws - The Chicago Theme (Love Loop)
4. The Charisma Band – Ain’t Nothing Like your Love
5. Diane Jenkins - I Need You
6. Debra Anderson - Funny How We’ve Changed Places

Part 2 in our tribute to Blackpool Mecca celebrating 45 years since it first opened its doors to the UK Northern Soul scene

Another uniquely themed set featuring legendary Northern Soul tracks from the playlist of ground breaking soul jocks Ian Levine and Colin Curtis at Blackpool Mecca

An important collection from the club that changed the face of Northern Soul forever


BLACKPOOL MECCA, throughout the mid-to-late seventies, defined a new movement in rare soul that would become known as “crossover” and that drew thousands of fans from across the country for it’s weekly modern soul gatherings. It was the only venue to rival the enormity of Wigan Casino and, with hindsight, was perhaps the No. 1 venue to hear the latest and the best American imports played by headline DJs Ian Levine and Colin Curtis. Its creative playlists at the Saturday seaside sessions were progressive and unique to its skyline Highland Room: “it was like taking an escalator ride to New York”. The “sound” of the Mecca still resonates today thanks, in no small part, to its forward-thinking DJs and the quality of the ground-breaking music that fused Northern Soul with New York Disco and heralded the Jazz/funk scene in the UK.
It is often overlooked that Blackpool Mecca held regular soul nights two years before Wigan Casino opened its doors and, like the Casino, it reigned for eight soulful years. It finally closed in 1979 by which time the music policy of the two super clubs had become so disconnected that, inevitably, the Northern Soul scene divided, signalling the end - not only of the venues - but the scene itself, or at least the most significant chapter in its ever evolving story. - Outta Sight


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