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Luxury Soul 2019 3x CD

Various Artists


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Title: Luxury Soul 2019 3x CD
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Expansion
Catalogue #: CDBEXP19
Format: CD
Genre: Modern Soul, 00s Soul & Nu / Neo Soul
Release Year: 2019
Condition: New & Sealed

CD 1
1. Falling Back Into Love - Marc Evans
2. Living For Today - Dira
3. Dangerous Romance - Steve Nichol feat. Ellene Masri
4. Standing Ovation - Blu Mitchell
5. Special Day - Natasha Watts
6. Don't Judge Me (Mellow Mix) - Phillip Leo
7. What's Happening Next? - Gina Foster
8. No Explanation - Chris Standring feat. Mica Paris
9. You Got Me (Extended Edit) - Buscrates feat. Laura Benack
10. Mile High - Raquel Rodriguez
11. Secret Lover - Saskia
12. I Want Your Lovin' - Zed Soul feat. Rose Vincent


CD 2
1. Pressure - Maysa
2. Everything Is Good 2Nite - Kloud 9 feat.Incognito
3. Got To Keep Moving On - Olga Makovetskaya feat. Incognito
4. Stronger - Nickee B
5. Show Somebody Love - Chris Jasper
6. You're My Sunny Day (Live Sunshine Vocal Mix) - Tracy Hamlin
7. Free To Be Me - Lindsey Webster feat. Norman Brown
8. Much Love - Euge Groove feat. Rahsaan Patterson
9. Grow - Cecily
10. Are You With Me - Inner Shade
11. Last Song - Darien Dean feat. Tiffany T'Zelle


CD 3
1. I Want You Back - Boogie Back feat. Cheri Maree
2. Brighter Tomorrow - Diplomats Of Soul feat. Incognito & Imaani
3. Hopping, Skipping, So In Love - Victor Haynes
4. I Want Your Luv - One Way feat. Al Hudson
5. My Baby - Ronnie McNeir & The Instant Groove
6. Winter Love - Robb Scott feat. Elisabeth Troy
7. I'll Always Love You - Rockie Robbins
8. Just Believe In Love - Patrice Isley
9. Drifting - Kim Tibbs
10. Stay Away From You - Chris Ballin
11. Crazy Luv - Kashif
12. So Nobody Else Can Hear - Jimmy Cobb

The leading independent soul label Expansion Records commences each year with one of the label’s most anticipated collections, “Luxury Soul”. The success of the series comes down to the quality of tracks sourced from independent soul music artists, often unsigned or with recordings previously unissued or on limited release elsewhere. Included on this unique collection is an exclusive Incognito production for Indonesian artist Dira with guest appearances by the group on music from Maysa, Inner Shade, Diplomats of Soul, Kloud 9, and Russian singer Olga Makovetskaya.
Also exclusive to this release on CD are tracks by Marc Evans, Steve Nichol (formerly of Loose Ends), Phillip Leo, Gina Foster, Buscrates, Raquel Rodriguez, Saskia, Zed Soul feat. Rose Vincent, Tracy Hamlin, Boogie Back, Patrice Isley, Victor Haynes and something brand new from legendary group One Way feat. Al Hudson

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