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Let's Do The Boogaloo CD

Various Artists


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Title: Let's Do The Boogaloo CD
Artist: Various Artists
Label: BGP
Catalogue #: CDBGPD307
Format: CD
Genre: 60s Soul, Mod / Club
Release Year: 2017
Condition: New & Sealed

1. Ready, Steady, Go - Prince & Princess
2. We Got A Thing That's In The Groove - The Capitols
3. Playing It Cool - Hector Rivera
4. (Papa Chew) Do the Boo-ga-loo [Part 1] - Tom & Jerroo
5. Boogaloo #3 - Roy Lee Johnson & His Band
6. Block Party - Jimmy Castor
7. I'm Gonna Make It - Pete Terrace
8. What I Feel - Richie And The PS 54 School Yard
9. Skate, Boogaloo & Karate Too - Lee Harris
10. Bar-Kays Boogaloo - The Bar-Kays
11. Hector - The Village Callers
12. Mongo's Boogaloo - Mongo Santamaria
13. Hey You! Little Boo-ga-loo - Chubby Checker
14. Me & You (Doin' the Boogaloo) - Lou Courtney
15. Boogaloo Down Broadway - The Fantastic Johnny C
16. Boogaloo Zoo - Shirley Butler
17. Let's Do the Funky Boogaloo (Part 1) - Barry Jones
18. Boogaloo (Part 1) - The Bob & Earl Band
19. Bugulu - Charlie Palmieri & His Orchestra
20. Watusi Boogaloo - Willie Rosario and His Orchestra
21. Bugaloo Party - Harold & Connie
22. Have Some Boogaloo - Timmy Thomas
23. Boogaloo Investigator - The Exotics
24. Funky Funky Boogaloo - Jimmy Brown with the Jimmy Brown Band

The boogaloo is an infectious and little-defined dance that dominated American dance records in the mid-60s. It was the joyous place where young black and latin youths met and made sweet music. All previous Boogaloo compilations have focused on the latin aspect, Let's Do The Boogaloo looks at how the music crossed over between the two.


The boogaloo craze started in Chicago with a record by Tom & Jerroo, but it proved to have an enduring legacy with its hit-making potential running from 1965 through to 1968 - much longer than any other comparable dance. Our earliest records - the infectious Ready Steady Go by Prince & Princess, produced by Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller - kicks us off with a frenetic beat and some latin horns. It is the perfect boogaloo crossover. Elsewhere BGP feature big sounds from both the soul and latin side of the music.


Club classics by the likes of Hector Rivera and Roy Lee Johnson, and obscurities by The PS 54 School Yard and Shirley Butler. The musical aspects of this compilation hail from as far apart as Texas and Detroit and Philadelphia and LA, where BGP found the previously unreleased Bob & Earl Band Boogaloo.


The extensive sleeve notes explain the story of the dance and how the music adapted to it. Bringing together the many strands and explaining what connects Chubby Checker, Charlie Palmieri, Mongo Santamaria and Jimmy Castor. This is musical and dancefloor dynamite that brought together communities, and Let's Do The Boogaloo is the definitive compilation from the genre. Available on CD and double LP.

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