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Kool And The Gang

The Force CD

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Title: The Force CD
Artist: Kool And The Gang
Label: Big Break Records
Catalogue #: CDBBRX0135
Format: CD
Genre: Funk, 70s Soul
Release Year: 2014
Condition: New & Sealed

1. A Place In Space
2. Slick Superchick
3. Just Be True
4. The Force
5. Mighty Mighty High
6. Oasis
7. Life's A Song
8. Free
9. Slick Superchick (Single Version)
10. A Place in Space (Single Version)
11. Mighty Mighty High (12" Disco Version)


KOOL & THE GANG need no introduction. They were the top selling Soul group of the 70’s and 80’s having sold over 70 million albums worldwide and have received countless awards. Without them we would not have such great hits as ‘Summer Madness,’ ‘Get Down On It,’ ‘Celebration’ and who could forget that slammin’ funk monster that features so heavily in Quentin Tarantino’s cult flick – Pulp Fiction; ‘Jungle Boogie.’


1978 would see Kool & The Gang release THE FORCE, their 11th studio album. THE FORCE is generally regarded as the album that concluded the groups full on 70’s funk period which had garnered them great success and high acclaim throughout the previous years. Included in this period is their excellent 1976 LP “Open Sesame” 


THE FORCE was released at a time when studio production and techniques took the emphasis away from the full live band so as a result, and despite the album providing funk fans with another very strong set, it did not perform as well as previous albums on the official listings where it peaked at #33 R&B and #142 Pop on the Billboard charts. · Opening track ‘A Place In Space,’ which was also released as a single, is a full on party funk bomb persuading the whole universe to dance ‘n’ get down while the groups trademark stabbing horn phrases lead the groove. ‘Slick Superchick’ follows in the same vein and was the most successful single from the album peaking at #19 R&B and #102 Pop, this declaration of dance floor intent towards the “chick” in question provides a relentless groove.


Other very notable tracks are the mellower ‘Mighty Mighty High’ and the title track ‘The Force,’ which both retain the core sound of the group’s earlier albums. “Just Be True” is the one bonafide ballad in this set and ‘Free’ closes this excellent album with a much jazzier feel. · BBR is proud to present THE FORCE. This expanded and re-mastered edition comes complete with extensive liner notes and added bonus material. · This BBR remaster is a must have for all R&B, Soul, Funk and Disco fans out there! - Big Break Records


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