Keeping The Faith.... Wigan Casino 45 LP

Keeping The Faith.... Wigan Casino 45 LP Vinyl

Various Artists


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Title: Keeping The Faith.... Wigan Casino 45 LP Vinyl
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Outta Sight
Catalogue #: OSVLP021
Format: LP Vinyl
Genre: Northern Soul, 60s Soul, 70s Soul
Release Year: 2018
Condition: New & Sealed

1. Marie Knight - That’s No Way To Treat A Girl
2. Jack Montgomery - Dearly Beloved
3. J. B. Troy - Live On
4. Porgy & The Monarchs - My Heart Cries For You
5. Freddie Chavez - They’ll Never Know Why
6. Clarence Reid - I’m Your Yes Man
7. Lou Lawton - Knick Knack Patty Wack
8. The Gentlemen Four - You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
9. Betty Moorer - Speed Up


1. The Masqueraders - Do You Love Me Baby
2. The Ivories - Please Stay
3. Leslie Uggams - Love Is A Good Foundation
4. Lord Thunder - Thunder
5. Maxine Brown - Let Me Give You My Lovin’
6. Billy Thompson - Black-Eyed Girl
7. Chuck Jackson - Hand It Over
8. Stanley Mitchell - Get It Baby
9. The Platters - With This Ring

WELCOME to the third volume in our Wigan Casino mini-series exploring the diverse playlist of the world’s No.1 Northern Soul venue. The 23rd September 2018 marks the 45th Anniversary of the super club and we have selected 18 tracks that we hope capture the unique atmosphere of the huge ballroom and the mesmerizing dance moves that held us spellbound all those years ago.

WIGAN CASINO finally closed its doors in December 1981 after eight long years of weekly All-Nighters, during which time it came to define Northern Soul. The term had, of course, been coined years earlier, but it was the Casino Soul Club that established the style of music and the scene to the wider public.
The Casino transformed the Northern Soul scene into a mass youth movement with its own sound track, uniform, cultural icons and a 100,000 strong membership. In reality, the stereotype of moustachioed young men in baggy trousers and vest tops, festooned with sew-on patches, was actually quite short lived. Northern Soul was ever evolving and as the Seventies progressed so did the music and the fashion, embracing soulful-disco and jazz-funk. Today, 45 years on, it is still evolving and attracts followers from all over the globe to its international Weekenders and Festivals. Right On!

• Celebrating 45 years since the first All-Nighter at Wigan Casino on 23rd September 1973
• Eighteen classic sides that defined the sound of Wigan Casino
• Featuring the seldom heard floorpacking instrumental “Thunder” by Lord Thunder and the hypnotic dancer “Get It Baby” by Stanley Mitchell
• Craig Charles “Outta Sight is out of the stratosphere”

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