Gregory Porter

On My Way To Harlem (Jazz & Cole Edit) / 1960 What? (Jazz & Cole Edit) 7"

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A Side: Gregory Porter - On My Way To Harlem (Jazz & Cole Edit)
B Side: Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Jazz & Cole Edit)
Label: Expansion
Catalogue #: GP712013
Format: 7" Vinyl
Genre: Soul Jazz
Release Year: 2013
Condition: New

“On My Way To Harlem” is a proud descendent of the vocal jazz-soul classics of old. If you thought we would never hear a new piece of music in the spirit of Bill Withers, Jon Lucien, Gil-Scott Heron and Leon Thomas, then get ready to believe again. Gregory Porter is the real deal and in “On My Way To Harlem” everything comes together. Consider the achingly poignant lyrics brimming with righteous anger, telling the tale of an area's gentrification and subsequent loss of identity and soul - marginalising the very people who made the place 'hip' in the first place. Consider the strutting Funk Brothers-style rhythm and beautiful instrumentation. Finally consider Porter's titanic vocal performance, brimming with passion, power and subtlety in equal measure. Add it all up and what have you got? A bona-fide Soul-Jazz Classic, that's what!


Now specially edited for the first time for discerning Northern, Modern and Jazz dancefloors on THE only format that matters for DJs and collectors alike, grab your copy now with an exclusive edit of Gregory’s signature song “1960 What?” - Expansion 

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