Cleethorpes Pier - Talk Of The North All-Nighter LP Vinyl

Cleethorpes Pier - Talk Of The North All-Nighter LP Vinyl

Various Artists

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Title: Cleethorpes Pier - Talk Of The North All-Nighter LP Vinyl
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Outta Sight
Catalogue #: OSVLP017
Format: LP Vinyl
Genre: Northern Soul, 60s Soul, Mod / Club
Release Year: 2018
Condition: New & Sealed


1. Skull Snaps - I'm Your Pimp
2. Babe Ruth - Elusive
3. The Crow - Your Autumn Of Tomorrow
4. Raw Soul - The Gig
5. Gentlemen And Their Lady - Like Her! (Part 1)
6. Don Varner - Tear Stained Face
7. Linda Jones - My Heart Needs A Break

1. The Moods - Rainmaker
2. Wally Cox - This Man
3. Betty Baker And The Jaxis - Marching Out Of Your Life
4. Silvetti - Spring Rain
5. Spookie & Sue - I've Got The Need
6. Dooley Silverspoon - Game Players
7. The Mike Post Coalition - Afternoon Of The Rhino

Talk Of The North All-Nighter

As 1975 dawned Northern Soul was in its heyday and Lancashire was at its epicentre, home to super clubs Wigan Casino and the West Coast Blackpool Mecca. However, over on the East Coast a rival scene had been slowly molding, shaped by Mary Chapman and her Lincolnshire Soul Club. On a cold winter's night (11pm February 7th, 1975) the doors opened to the pavilion at the end of Cleethorpes Pier for the inaugural "Talk Of The North" all-nighter. As the North Sea battered the iron piles the huge wooden dancefloor swayed to the beat of a new Northern Soul rhythm crafted by the country's finest DJ's.


From the start Cleethorpes was a great successes and, for a short time, it challenged the mighty Casino and put the East Coast firmly on the soul map. For a fleeting 13 months the Pier DJ's established themselves, and the venue, at the forefront of the Northern Soul scene creating a unique playlist of treasured "oldies" and newly discovered rarities. Captured here is the essence of the Pier's music policy that blended the old with the new and sounds as fresh today as it did over forty years ago.


" A uniquely themed set capturing the essence and atmosphere of the East Coast's premier Soul Club.

" Includes the first ever vinyl reissue of the great Dooley Silverspoon "Game Players" transferred from original master tape.

" An important collection from the club that blended the old with the new.

Craig Charles "Outta Sight is out of the stratosphere"

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