Brenda Holloway - My Love Is Your Love 2CD
  • Brenda Holloway - My Love Is Your Love 2CD
  • Brenda Holloway - My Love Is Your Love 2CD (Back Cover)

Brenda Holloway

My Love Is Your Love (2CD)

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Title: My Love Is Your Love (2CD)
Artist: Brenda Holloway
Label: Bestway
Catalogue #: BESTCD007
Format: CD
Genre: Northern Soul, Motown
Release Year: 2005
Condition: New


1. On the real side
2. Lend a hand
3. Stay Close to me
4. I got a bone to pick with you
5. Reconsider
6. When I’m gone
7. Be a man
8. Give me a little inspiration
9. He’s my kinda fella
10. Love and Desire
11. Starting the hurt all over again
12. Hung up on your love
13. You didn’t say a word
14. Train keep on movin’
15. I’m gonna love you
16. So Soon
17. I Still love you
18. My Love is your love
19. Cathedrals
20. Cashing In
1. I can feel him slipping away
2. I’m so happy
3. Baby Baby don’t waste your time
4. I’m gonna change
5. I’ll never stop loving you
6. Make me believe in you
7. Your song
8. Don’t bring Me down
9. World Without Sunshire
10. I got the fever
11. Home is where the hatred is
12. For all the right reasons
13. All it takes
14. Fighting for what’s right
15. You gave me love
16. Hot and Cold
17. Every little bit hurts
18. You made me so very happy
19. On the rebound (duet with Jimmy Ruffin)


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